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How Sanlorenzo and Bluegame created the all-new BG72

7 September 2021• Written by Laura Nicholls for Bluegame

Looking at the all-new 22.71-metre BG72 by Bluegame, she certainly stands out. Not only are her sleek lines by Luca Santella telling of first-class Italian craftsmanship, but the balance of weight and volume has made way for a next-generation layout. Refusing to be categorised as an open, fisherman, day cruiser or walk-around yacht, the BG72 brings together some of the most important elements of superyacht design: aesthetics, practicality, style, comfort, elegance and performance.

All of this is powered by Sanlorenzo, as in 2018, the leading Italian shipbuilder welcomed the Bluegame brand into the family to enhance its range of innovative yachts. Since then, the intuitions of Bluegame’s founder, Olympic sailor and architect Luca Santella, have been given new light. “That step, that of Bluegame joining Sanlorenzo, has radically changed the archetype of the brand and has allowed new paths and opportunities to be explored. Sanlorenzo's compelling drive has given further development to the historic BG range and now its flagship, the BG72,” says Bluegame CEO Carla Demaria.

Another positive move has been the brand’s appointment of naval architect Lou Codega. As a creative known for his high-performance hull designs, Codega equipped the BG72 with its water lines and a balanced centre of gravity to ensure that the hull can always be navigated safely. With remarkable manoeuvrability, the BG72 remains comfortable in all conditions.

The new BG72 is the first open powerboat available on the market that intends to rival the flybridge design. With enclosed livable areas designed by Luca Santella & Zuccon International Project, those on board are made to feel a special connection with the surrounding environment – particularly on the yacht’s open upper deck and lower deck. Inspired by the BGX70, this unique space was designed to give continuity from the beach area to the saloon and owner's cabin and certifies Bluegame’s ability to provide owners with simple, yet original combinations of unprecedented layouts.

“For Bluegame, achieving simplicity is the result of an in-depth attention to design, a tailored execution and a sophisticated high-tech approach,” mentions Demaria. Another main driver of the brand’s design decisions is sustainability, as thanks to parent company Sanlorenzo, Bluegame adheres to a structured sustainable innovation strategy that intervenes throughout the purchasing, research, development and manufacturing processes. The company’s loyalty to the environment is also proven in its Blue Marine Foundation membership to help protect the oceans.

As a result of the company’s eco-awareness, the BG72 can be equipped with one of two efficient Volvo Penta IPS propulsion systems to reduce all fuel consumption and emissions. Able to carry 4,000 litres of fuel, the BG72 can reach a top speed of 30 knots and a cruising speed of 27 knots with up to 16 passengers on board.

The strong values of Bluegame as well as the brand’s unique vessels can be seen at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival. To find out more, contact the company directly here: www.bluegame.it

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