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Why all yachts will soon be carrying this single-dome satellite connectivity service

18 November 2022• Written by Laura Nicholls for KVH

No matter where you are in the world, one of the few essentials while at sea is a solid connection to life back on land. As owners and guests on board, being able to work remotely, check social media and wind down with a movie is often part of our personal cruising itineraries. So why not make sure the yacht has the best connectivity solution on the market?

Thanks to the team at KVH, there is now a new integrated solution – the TracNet H-series terminals and the KVH ONE hybrid network – which delivers satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi connections under one dome. This new power couple makes everything to do with connectivity extremely easy for everyone on board. As a result, the system is already gaining popularity among boat owners.

If a yacht were to turn to KVH for hybrid connectivity, it would be fitted with one TracNet dome with integrated satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi. The system, together with its compact Below Deck Unit, automatically switches among the available channels to deliver the best performance at any moment.

Despite this solution having come onto the market less than four months ago, yachts are already carrying the system, one being the Sunseeker 74 Sport Bridge, Jimbo. For smaller vessels such as Jimbo, KVH offers the TracNet H30 dome. At just 37cm, the antenna is ultra-compact and provides seamless connectivity – something which Jimbo’s owner, Gus Stergis, favours above all.

“When I’m out on the water I don’t want to think about connectivity,” Stergis says. “Guests who come on board Jimbo are always checking their emails and talking on the phone. Nobody has to ask how to get online, as it is so easy. Plus, I know that the system will automatically switch between cellular, satellite, or Wi-Fi depending on what my best option is at the time. It just works!”

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For yachts on the larger scale, the 1-meter TracNet H90 is the most compatible dome and can also seamlessly switch between satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi. By consolidating these three communication devices into one dome, the result reduces weight and up to 25% in costs.

“The design of our TracNet terminals is as much as 51 per cent lighter than leading competing terminals,” says Mark Woodhead, KVH’s Executive Vice President of Mobile Connectivity. “KVH has simplified installation and reduced costs for customers by consolidating three communication devices into one dome.”

For a yacht with KVH ONE and TracNet, it doesn’t matter how many days are spent at sea, as flexible month-to-month subscriptions are available to suit all cruising plans. High-speed shaped or metered plans as well as unlimited-use plans are available. If a yacht is being used for only part of the year, service can be suspended.

KVH includes a range of services, including KVH Elite™, an unlimited streaming service for yachts, and KVH Link, an exclusive content service for commercial maritime crew and their wellbeing.

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Another critical inclusion is KVH’s integrated cybersecurity programme. As we all know, spam emails and threats received via a yacht’s internet can be a huge risk to any connecting system. KVH’s TracNet solutions offer integrated terminal-level security, with optional enterprise-grade enhancements available. “Cybersecurity is fundamental. That’s why we employ cybersecurity by design principles to our hardware and global networks,” says Woodhead.

Jimbo’s owner relies on TracNet for the physical security of his yacht as well. He states, “I rely on TracNet for security monitoring when I can’t be in the marina with my boat. The cameras and security system integrate right into the TracNet solution and I always know I’ll have reliable, consistent connectivity for ongoing monitoring.”

“KVH has set a new standard for integration, convenience, speed, and affordability for commercial seafarers and leisure boaters worldwide”, says KVH CEO Brent Bruun. “TracNet is the first fully integrated hybrid maritime product of its kind, and the solution will allow vessels all over the world to maximise speeds and minimize costs at the dock, underway, and offshore.”

To find out more about KVH ONE hybrid network and TracNet hybrid terminals, contact the company directly here.

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