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SeaNet: Yacht co-ownership done the right way

11 May 2018

SeaNet offers luxury yacht co-ownership complete with a 75 per cent saving, full SeaNet management, concierge and guaranteed peak season usage for totally hassle-free cruising...

Buying a yacht can be both a costly and time-consuming business, one that demands high initial investment and annual running costs not to mention the hassle associated with running and managing a crew, charters and maintenance.

That is why Belgian entrepreneur and Benetti yacht expert Matty Zadnikar created SeaNet Europe – a yacht co-ownership programme that enables a maximum of four owners to enjoy the complete yachting experience without any of the financial stress and hassle that comes with being a sole owner.

SeaNet offers yacht ownership without the hassle

SeaNet’s unique model is based on three keystones: a 75 per cent reduction in the initial yacht purchase price and running costs; guaranteed usage during the peak European yachting season; and completely hassle-free ownership with comprehensive SeaNet management services.

Ultimately, SeaNet’s co-ownership programme enables co-owners to make the most of their time on board and save on the initial purchase and annual running costs. Not only do SeaNet co-owners benefit from that significant reduction in the cost of the yacht, but they also share the cost of yacht maintenance and management of crew, charter and moorings, and on top of all that they have a guaranteed seven weeks on board each year.

SeaNet has an exclusive global partnership with Benetti, the Italian shipyard renowned throughout the world for its superior quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship. Five of its latest vessels, ranging from 28.5 metres to 40.24 metres including the Benetti Oasis 135, make up the SeaNet fleet and assure co-owners of the very best in superyacht build and fitting.

SeaNet currently has five Benetti yachts in its fleet

Buying a yacht is an emotive experience and SeaNet wants to ensure that co-owners feel like it’s a home from home. That’s why SeaNet fully personalises each yacht before an owner steps on board, filling it with their favourite linens, art, family pictures and tableware.

All SeaNet owners have to worry about is making the most of their time on board so every SeaNet yacht comes with a 10 metre luxury dayboat to ensure that you can reach those hidden coves and beaches for a truly unique experience.

While the SeaNet crew takes care of you when on board, the SeaNet concierge handles everything on land: from planning, logistics and maintenance to flights, itineraries and so much more. SeaNet’s comprehensive management team ensures that every element of your time on board is taken care of, while ensuring that your yacht is fully maintained and looked after. They will make sure that insurance, technical and safety services and accounting and ownership structures are all present and correct so that all you need to worry about is having an incredible time on board.

SeaNet will customise your yacht to your liking before you step on board

Key benefits of SeaNet co-ownership

• It provides a responsible way to own a yacht, enabling co-owners to make the most of their time on board

• Up to four owners can enjoy the complete yachting experience without any of the financial stress and hassle of being a sole owner

• Enjoy a 75 per cent reduction in the initial cost of the yacht, plus shared costs of maintenance and complete management of crew, charter and moorings, all with a guaranteed seven weeks on board each year

• Take advantage of a charter management programme that enables owners to charter their yacht when it’s not in use. SeaNet will also take care of bookings and make all the necessary arrangements for chartering, ensuring that it’s a totally hassle-free process

• SeaNet was created for the visionaries of the world who want to enjoy the world of yachting without the financial constraints and hassle that can come with it

• Each SeaNet yacht is personalised before an owner steps on board with favourite items such as art, photos and your chosen linens and tableware, ensuring that it perfectly suits each owner’s personal tastes

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