Custom Line Navetta 33 Diana II superyacht

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Custom Line Navetta 33 Diana II
Credit: Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting

How Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting's expertise helps owners find the perfect superyacht

30 August 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting

For over three decades, Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting has been a prominent name in the superyacht industry. With a global network spanning continents, the brokerage firm has honed a unique approach to finding the perfect superyacht for its discerning clientele. Brothers Torsten and Oliver Sieckmann of Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting, put it succinctly: “Our name has become synonymous with experience, expertise and, above all, trust among our valued customers, partners and colleagues.”

Torsten and Oliver Sieckmann
Credit: Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting

Collaborations with esteemed industry brands

The cornerstone of Sieckmann’s approach lies in its commitment to nurturing relationships with prominent shipyards worldwide. “We've meticulously fostered an extensive web of partnerships within the yachting industry,” Torsten explains. “This network encompasses esteemed brokerage and charter firms, distinguished shipyards, accomplished yacht management companies, insurers, ingenious naval architects and more. This alliance underpins our expertise, empowering us to deliver unparalleled service to our clients, no matter where their ambitions lead them.”

Central to these partnerships is the collaboration with the acclaimed Ferretti Group, one of Europe's premier superyacht builders. With renowned brands like Riva, Custom Line, Pershing and Wally, Ferretti Group offers a diverse portfolio that caters to a broad spectrum of clients. The Group’s partnership with Sieckmann amplifies the choices available on the market, ensuring every customer finds their ideal match. Currently, Sieckmann boasts two pre-owned Ferretti Group yachts on the market: the 33-metre Custom Line Navetta 33 Diana II, set to grace the 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival, and the 32.8-metre Custom Line 106'.

Custom Line Navetta 33 Diana II
Credit: Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting

A dedication to exceptional service

Sieckmann prides itself on its reputation for quality, experience, trust, personality and transparency. A full-service agency, the firm is dedicated to finding the right vessel for every customer, be it pre-owned, new or for charter. From stylish dayboats to ocean-going superyachts over 50 metres, Sieckmann navigates the extensive yacht market to pinpoint the perfect options. A prime example of their prowess is the Sunseeker 94, currently for sale at a reduced price—a unique opportunity for yacht buyers.

However, Sieckmann's dedication extends beyond the point of sale. “Our commitment transcends the mere transaction of yacht sales. Rather, it's a promise to be there for our clients ceaselessly,” Torsten affirms. “Day or night, we stand by them, providing unwavering support whenever it's needed. This holistic dedication is what sets us apart—a testament to our enduring commitment to the world of superyachts.”

Sunseeker 94
Credit: Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting

Always ahead of market trends

Sieckmann maintains a distinctive edge by staying ahead of market trends and insights, offering clients unique options and exceptional deals. With robust customer connections, membership in associations like Deutsche Yachten (German Superyacht Association) and a global industry network built over decades, the firm remains at the forefront of yacht market developments.

“Over time, changes have been evident, but one thing remains constant for us: nurturing personal relationships with our customers,” notes Oliver. The firm seamlessly embraced the digitalisation of processes within the yachting industry, especially in the post-pandemic era, offering virtual viewings and immersive tours to meet market demands.

Custom Line 106'
Credit: Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting

Acknowledging the growing significance of sustainability in the industry, Torsten highlights the demand of innovative technologies and enhanced existing systems, emphasising that this transformative process requires time but stands as a testament to Sieckmann’s commitment to progress and industry observation.

"In the face of recent uncertainties, we underscore the significance of maintaining proximity to our customers and retaining an optimistic outlook," Torsten remarks. “Our experience shows: amid challenges, change always creates opportunities.”

In an ever-evolving superyacht market, Sieckmann navigates buyers with expertise, innovation and a commitment to finding the perfect yacht for every client. To find the ideal superyacht that fulfils your requirements and taste, contact the team at Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting today.

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