Stuart Ribton, owner and director of Southern Right Yachting yacht management firm

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Stuart Ribton, owner and director of Southern Right Yachting
Credit: Peter Ribton

How 30 years of working on board inspired a chief engineer to offer better yacht management services

15 March 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Southern Right Yachting

Finding the right management system tailored to your specific yacht can prove to be challenging, given there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Stuart Ribton, owner and director of Southern Right Yachting, knows this only too well, having amassed over three decades of hands-on experience on board yachts and ultimately progressing to the role of chief engineer.

“Having worked offshore for many years, I am very aware of what shoreside support a vessel needs to support the owner, captain and crew,” Ribton explains. “I am also very fortunate to have worked for captains who have allowed me to run with the drydocking, maintenance periods, surveys and compliance on the vessels on which I have served over 32 years. This has given me great in-depth knowledge about how management should work and what is needed to support yachts offshore.”

As Southern Right Yachting celebrates its 10th anniversary, BOAT looks back on Ribton’s remarkable journey of setting up on shore to guarantee the seamless day-to-day operations of superyachts worldwide.

Credit: Southern Right Yachting

From on board to on shore

Ribton embarked on his journey with a crystal-clear vision: to provide comprehensive and bespoke yacht management service that exceeded the expectations of discerning yacht owners. Central to Ribton’s vision was a commitment to meticulous attention to detail, that wove together his passion for yachting, marine engineering and compliance.

Southern Right Yachting is a distinguished yacht management firm founded in Switzerland. Since its inception, the company has grown exponentially in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, establishing itself as a leader and trusted partner amongst yacht owners, captains and crew worldwide, and is renowned for its dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

"In 2014, I set out on a journey to create something exceptional in the world of yacht management," says Ribton. “I started Southern Right Yachting when I stepped off my client’s first yacht as chief engineer to a role as technical superintendent in his owner’s team for his second new-build project at a shipyard in the Netherlands, but this time with the intent of managing the vessel once it sailed.

"Today, as [Southern Right Yachting] celebrates its 10th anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable growth and success we have achieved. It is a testament to the dedication of our teams in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the trust of our clients and our unwavering commitment to excellence."

Credit: Southern Right Yachting

Created by crew, for crew

Southern Right Yachting's extensive suite of services covers every aspect of yacht management, ensuring that owners, captains and crew have the support needed for safe and smooth day-to-day operations. With a team leveraging many decades of experience, the firm ensures thorough care for vessels through expertly arranged maintenance periods and drydocking services. Its crew management division is another cornerstone of its success, ensuring the recruitment and overseeing of training of the best in the industry, resulting in highly skilled and reliable crews that contribute to the smooth operation of each vessel. What's more, Southern Right Yachting is a certified issuer of Watch Rating Certificates (Navigation & Engine) for Cayman Islands-flagged yachts under its management, which is proving to be invaluable to many crew members. From maintenance and crew management to technical support and new-build supervision, the company's offerings are designed to meet the unique and individual needs of each client.

“My views on ISM and the SMS that are placed on board are the same as all other aspects of managing a yacht - that it must be a bespoke system for each vessel,” Ribton notes. “Our SMS will take months of working closely with the crew before we have a system that is custom, yacht-specific and works for the yacht and crew. As time goes on, we are always happy to tweak and change to evolve our systems with new ideas, new technology and, of course, the frequent changes in legislation.”

With a decade of success behind it, Southern Right Yachting looks ahead to a future filled with continued growth and a deepened commitment to providing premium, bespoke yacht management services.

For more information on Southern Right Yachting’s full-service yacht management offerings, contact the team today.

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