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Starboard Card: Discover the financial services platform built by yachties, for yachties

2 October 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Starboard Card

Managing expenses, tracking spending and ensuring financial transparency on board extravagant superyachts can pose daunting challenges. With owners demanding a level of financial transparency and crew requiring a straightforward, user-friendly system, Starboard Card offers a solution that promises to simplify these financial intricacies. Launching soon, this expense management tool is set to be a game-changer for the yachting industry, designed by yachties, for yachties.

What is Starboard Card?

Starboard Card's mission is clear: to empower yacht crews and management companies with the tools they need to meticulously track spending on board. The result? A crystal-clear view of the yacht's finances to owners and crew, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced efficiency.

The platform's offerings can be broken down into three primary components: Premium debit cards with exclusive advantages; dynamic accounts in multiple currencies; and tailored, yachting-specific accountancy software.

What's especially noteworthy about Starboard Card's offering is the fusion of its industry-first debit card system with yachting-attuned banking architecture. This distinct innovation comes from the team's insights into both yachting and finance.

Innovation rooted in a crew-centric approach

While its trio of services and partnership with Visa undoubtedly play a pivotal role in its emerging market presence, the nurturing company culture and the astute decision to hire individuals from within the yachting sector fuel Starboard Card’s innovative spirit.

Starboard Card offers its global team many employee benefits, including flexible working hours, frequent meetups and even regular company sailing trips! The importance placed on team building and personal wellbeing is something that Dan Lane, founder and CEO of Starboard Card, is passionate about. However, his decision to integrate former yacht crew members into operations has been arguably more instrumental to its strategy.

“I want to create a place where crew that are ready to step ashore feel comfortable in transitioning to a land-based environment," says Lane. "Retaining that onboard knowledge and experience enables our shoreside team to understand how best to serve our customers and partners.”

The Starboard Card team
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Recognising the vast reservoir of first-hand experience that crew can bring isn't a novel concept in the yachting world. Many companies have seen the benefits of moving experienced crew to shoreside positions. But, in the realms of tech and fintech, this is groundbreaking.

“There's a wealth of expertise among senior yacht crew which can be employed outside of the usual shoreside career options," explains Hannah Lawes, CMO of Starboard Card who spent eight years working onboard. "I never expected to step from yachting to tech, but Starboard encouraged my abilities in this new sphere and gave me the freedom to explore life ashore.”

Credit: Starboard Card

Starboard Card creates an environment that eases the transition from yacht life to shoreside careers. Its relaxed atmosphere helps team members adapt smoothly to corporate processes, making it an ideal stepping stone for shoreside career development.

So, as the yachting industry enters an increasingly digital era, innovations like Starboard Card are poised to redefine onboard operations. But, as more digital solutions emerge in a world where technology often feels impersonal and detached, Starboard Card’s commitment to blending cutting-edge fintech with the heart and soul of the yachting community stands as a testament to the idea that it's the human touch in tech that truly sets a company apart.

To find out more about how you could incorporate Starboard Card on board your vessel, contact the team today.

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