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Simple and streamlined: Five reasons why owning a Sunseeker is hassle-free

10 January 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Sunseeker London

Whilst you may be already well acquainted with the renowned British boat builder, Sunseeker, there's a hidden dimension to owning a Sunseeker that often goes beyond expectations. The flagship dealer for Sunseeker International, the Sunseeker London Group transcends the conventional role of merely selling yachts and stands as a beacon of support for the Sunseeker ownership community. BOAT explores five reasons why owning a Sunseeker is not just a simple, hassle-free process but an added layer of luxury and exclusivity to your superyacht ownership experience.

1. Support that goes beyond sales

88 Yacht

At the heart of Sunseeker London Group's ethos is a dedication to customer satisfaction and an in-depth understanding of the luxury yachting market. The Group's primary focus on new yacht sales ensures that clients have access to Sunseeker's diverse selection of the latest models.

Beyond sales, Sunseeker London offers an array of services, creating a seamless and comprehensive support system for yacht owners. Whether it's selling pre-owned yachts through brokerage services, experiencing luxury through Sunseeker charters or receiving top-notch after-sales support, Sunseeker London is more than a dealership; it's a partner in the entire yacht ownership journey.

For those desiring an exclusive yachting experience without the commitment of ownership, Sunseeker charters offer a gateway to the superyacht lifestyle. The Group's commitment extends beyond the initial purchase, with comprehensive after-sales support covering maintenance, repairs, guardianage and servicing, ensuring every client's yacht maintains its peak performance and appearance.

2. 360-degree service

Sunseeker team at boot Dusseldorf

Sunseeker London's business model revolves around exclusivity and personalised service. This translates into a 360-degree support system, offering owners a convenient, all-in-one service with a trusted brand. The Group's expert team guides clients in finding the perfect yacht, be it a new acquisition or the sale of a pre-loved vessel.

At the heart of Sunseeker London’s philosophy lies a commitment to placing clients at the epicentre of their operations. Guided by a team of seasoned professionals, Sunseeker London brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, from technical specifications to design intricacies and the nuanced performance capabilities of Sunseeker yachts.

“My family and I have owned Sunseeker boats purchased from Davis Lewis and Christopher Head for over 20 years," says a Sunseeker owner. "We have enjoyed several different models over the years from  12 metres (40 feet) through to 35 metres (116 feet) berthed in a variety of Mediterranean locations. The fact that we keep coming back says it all. We have always received exceptional service in all areas and, as such, we have had a wonderful boating journey with infinite happy memories. An exceptional team of people who are the heart of the Sunseeker family."

3. A global network

Sunseeker London boasts a global network connecting clients, suppliers and industry partners seamlessly. While the Group's headquarters reside in London, it maintains an extensive presence across the UK, Europe and the North African coastline.

This widespread network ensures a robust support system, with dedicated Sunseeker engineering and service centres strategically placed in the UK, France and Mallorca. Additional service hubs in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Portugal, Germany and the Adriatic guarantee that Sunseeker London can provide support wherever clients are in the world.

4. Become a part of the Sunseeker family

Sunseeker London extends beyond being a service provider; it's a community. Exclusive events throughout the year, from 'Best of British' dinners to owner cruises, private wine tastings and track days, offer clients the chance to come together and be part of the wider Sunseeker family. These events provide a unique opportunity to share experiences, create lasting connections and indulge in the luxury synonymous with the Sunseeker brand.

5. Explore the brand’s impressive portfolio of yachts

Ocean 182
Predator 75

Sunseeker offers an impressive array of yachts for clients to choose from, and to kick off the year in grand style, it is poised to showcase a stellar lineup at the renowned boot Düsseldorf boat show on 20-28 January 2024. Among the highlights are two European debuts – the 27.1-metre Ocean 182 and the 23-metre Predator 75, adding to an impressive display that includes the 28-metre 95 Yacht, 26.3-metre 88 Yacht, 23.6-metre 76 Yacht, 21.2-metre Manhattan 68, 20.5-metre Predator 65, 17.2-metre Manhattan 55 and the 17.1-metre Superhawk 55.

To book an appointment to view one of the aforementioned yachts, or for more information on Sunseeker’s full-service offerings to superyacht owners, contact the team at Sunseeker London today.

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