In association with Swarovski A touch of glass: Swarovski's new Surface Collection

10 June 2015

The hunt for innovative materials in superyacht design persists, and Swarovski has risen to the occasion with its custom Surface Collection.

Designed to enhance high-end interiors, these stunning surface solutions include a huge variety of crystals from Swarovski that lend discreet glamour and a shimmering contemporary feel to any room they adorn. In addition to providing technical expertise and unparalleled levels of craftsmanship, Swarovski’s bespoke service will assist yacht owners and interior designers in creating a truly unique interior motif.

Swarovski’s new glass Surface Collection

In order to create new surfaces that would be appreciated by the superyacht set, Swarovski called in the experts. British Naval Architect Martin Francis, famed for his innovative yacht Eco (renamed Enigma) and his work together with Philippe Starck on the unique Yacht A, collaborated with Swarovski on their Surface Collection, which has been expanded to embrace glass as a design material.

“Swarovski has this enormous potential of what I would call creating a virtual surface,” Martin Francis says. “What we have sought to do with the panels is to use elements in such a way that you create a virtual surface by placing them in a simple arrangement so that you are not so aware of a material but of a virtual surface. All the highlights pick up… and as you move around a panel, you get all these different facets.”

Appealing to the latest trend in yachting for reflective materials that highlight open spaces and enhance natural light, the new glass Surface Collection delivers elegance, transparence and lightness. This offers new effects in combination with crystals – on satin glass, transparent glass, glass with mirrored surface, and black glass. New possibilities for bespoke interior designs are limitless.

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Swarovski’s Active Panel casts new light on interiors

Whether it’s a fully custom or a production superyacht, the interior of a megayacht is always luxurious and usually customized. These inside spaces make the best of exquisite materials and craftsmanship, whilst remaining functional and retaining a sense of individuality.

In the pursuit of personalising interior lighting, Swarovski’s Special Projects Team developed the ground-breaking and award-winning Active Panel – an illuminated glass panel with a shimmering surface of 200,000 crystals backlit using special LEDs. These panels are modular, allowing you to combine different panels to mix various colours, patterns and shapes to create atmospheres that correspond with the function of each room.

The light refraction of the Swarovski Active Panels is extraordinary. The crystallized texture offers an unusual sensory experience that begs to be touched, and thanks to the open structure you can actually feel the crystals.

In June, the Active Panel earned global recognition with a Red Dot Award, and is now a worthy addition to the Red Dot Design Museum’s permanent collection. “The stunning design and modular concept of these glass panels offers exciting decorative possibilities for the world of interior design,” reads a statement by the Red Dot Awards jury.

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Case study: superyacht Philmi dazzles in Swarovski’s Surface Collection

The recently launched 43 metre ISA superyacht Philmi shows off the beautiful statement that Swarovski Surface Collection interiors can make. The yacht’s interior is a wonderful example of the successful use of Crystal Rocks panels in Metallic Light Gold.

With exterior styling by Andrea Vallicelli, the Granturismo range from ISA in Ancona, Italy, responds to the market demand for medium-sized displacement motor yachts with contemporary styling and good balance between exterior and interior volumes.

The first in the series, 43m Philmi, was launched last spring and features an interior design by Melot + Trillo, who collaborated with Swarovski to develop bespoke crystal solutions.

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Swarovski’s bathroom fittings

Swarovski also offers a range of exquisitely handcrafted furniture and bathroom fittings designed to bring shimmering elegance to a room that is a shrine to tranquility, relaxation and comfort. Available in a range of easy-to-install sizes suitable for superyacht, residential or commercial designs, nothing adds a wow factor more effectively. The collection comes in a variety of sizes for easy integration into a yacht designer or owner’s vision.

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Looking to the future: Swarovski Optik binoculars

A good pair of binoculars has so many uses on a superyacht – spotting wildlife, eyeing scenery, helping the captain find the mooring – but the best pair can make the experience that much more fulfilling. Swarovski Optik binoculars seek to transcend the activity and make every moment spent peering into binoculars a fresh experience. Ergonomic grips, light and compact frames, elegant styling and razor-sharp displays optics define its binocular offerings.

Swarovski Optik binoculars
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