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On board the new mahogany electric sport boat that is miles ahead of the competition

14 February 2023 • Written by Laura Nicholls for Hacker-Craft

While many companies are yet to switch to fossil-free alternatives, Hacker-Craft has gone above and beyond with its 8.2-metre Special Sport boat.

The brand-new dayboat is just one of Hacker-Craft’s models that now feature all-electric drivetrains from the innovative electric boat specialists, Ingenity Electric. The range of electric traditionally-styled mahogany dayboats are both beautiful in style and performance, and are set to stand the test of time. For many, the future of yachting is being able to dive off the aft and not see a puddle of oil hanging around the prop, and to cruise home at top speeds and not have to talk loudly over the whir of the engine.

The new yachts by Hacker-Craft offer all of this and more. They will also operate free of emissions, in a virtually silent and highly efficient capacity. “These are just a few of the perks of our latest models,” says the company’s CEO, George Badcock, who explains further...

Notable top speed

Hacker-Craft is the largest American manufacturer of classic mahogany motorboats, hand-built runabouts, sport boats and yacht tenders. These yachts not only have their authentic, quality craftsmanship in common, but are all able to reach impressive top speeds partly thanks to their innovative V-shaped hulls.

The brand-new Ingenity-powered 8.2-metre Special Sport will be able to attain speeds up to 30 knots with a range between 25 and 30 nautical miles – which can grant approximately one hour of top-speed travelling. If cruising at slower speeds, the electric power can last up to several hours.

A state-of-the-art drivetrain

In the electric power sector, Ingenity Electric benefits from 100-years-worth of knowledge, and this know-how has been poured into the drivetrain created for the Hacker-Craft range. With its incredible future-proof features and eco-friendly output, the electric Hacker-Craft boats are made for those celebrated owners who are choosing to be eco-conscious and invest in sustainable products.

“It’s clear the environmental concerns are driving the entire boating industry towards electric propulsion,” says Badcock. “Electric propulsion enables owners to go boating in accordance with their values while preparing them for the new electric reality, whether for lake boating, coastal cruising, or aboard superyachts.”

The Ingenity Electric and Hacker-Craft partnership is focused on bringing sustainable solutions to the marine industry. With this in mind, the Special Sport yacht will feature an integrated drive package with a 126kWh battery that can be charged within 1.5 hours on a high-capacity DC Fast Charger. These types of chargers can easily be found in marinas or installed on board a mothership, with the owner able to remotely connect to their Hacker-Craft boat’s system via its Osmosis telematics platform. An alternative option would be for the owner to charge the boat overnight with a 240v 50amp service.

The model will also require less maintenance compared to a similar-sized gasoline or diesel-powered boat to grant owners more precious time enjoying their boat on the water.

Various designs to suit everyone

The Hacker-Craft fleet includes all types of small mahogany speedboats, each unique in design. Paying tribute to the runabouts of the Italian and American lakes, any custom design by Hacker-Craft promises to be hand-built, perfectly balanced, luxurious, comfortable and high-performing, even in the harshest coastal conditions.

The owner of the first Special Sport electric yacht has opted for a blue hull and cream interior upholstery complemented by a mocha-coloured deck stain. Set to look stunning on the water once delivered later this year, the boat’s layout will include a teak picnic table, mahogany speaker grills and a teak swim platform. To build this desirable Hacker design, Hacker-Craft perfectly combines traditional styling and cold-moulded building methods with ultra-new technology. Owners of the new range of electric Hacker-Craft boats can have an asset that achieves the epitome of style without leaving behind a cloud of black smoke.

The implementation of the electric drivetrain hasn’t altered the performance of the hull, and owners of Hacker-Crafts can expect to glide through the water smoothly, as if on board a gasoline-powered boat.

The Special Sport will join the award-winning Nautique GS22E watersports towboat and the Ingenity 23E Dayboat in Hacker-Craft’s Ingenity-powered range of boats. The Ingenity power system is available for several Hacker-Craft models, including custom designs.

To find out more about Hacker-Craft and its range of electric boats, contact the company directly here.

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