Philos, The Glenrothes' whisky pouring accessory for superyacht owners

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Credit: The Glenrothes

The Glenrothes presents Philos, a world-first for whisky and yachting

6 October 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for The Glenrothes

Creator of rare aged single malts, The Glenrothes is one of the word’s most luxurious whisky brands and a favourite amongst yacht owners. One of the few distilleries in the world that still uses its own private water source for every aspect of production, The Glenrothes continues to explore ways to deliver world-leading whisky to its discerning clientele. The brand’s latest invention, Philos, is a world-first across yachting, whisky and design, and a milestone for The Glenrothes.

“For me, the logic was simple. If a client is going to enjoy any whisky - but especially incredibly fine and rare whisky - at sea, then how do you create the most enriching imbibing experience possible?” says Anna Lisa Stone, head of creative for The Glenrothes.

A must-have item for the whisky connoisseur

Philos is a gimbal decanter designed for the most precious whisky to be poured at sea without spillage to save every drop. An elegant object for the discerning connoisseur and designed for the most luxurious yachts, Philos melds precision engineering with contemporary craftsmanship, and is a masterwork of design.

Created by master craftsman Little Halstock, the making of Philos addresses many complex issues. While a boat is in perpetual motion, with varying intensity of pitch and roll, Philos was made with weight, strength and durability against the unpredictable nature of the elements at the fore.

With gleaming armillary spheres, a hand-painted protective shroud, an antique compass and the all-important gimbal, Philos is a sculptural beauty engineered with the utmost precision and skill.

Credit: The Glenrothes

Where it all began

Borne from the desire to create incomparably enriching experiences, Philos began with an idea proposed between friends. Stone and designer Olga Fox of Studio Indigo, known for its exquisite interior yacht design, first met at a whisky tasting on the Scottish Isles. The conversation turned to finding the ultimate way to present one of the rarest and most delicious whiskies, The Glenrothes’ Demijohn 1969.

“The crux of the idea was to use this object to protect a whisky so special that not a single drop could be spilled,” explains Stone. “We identified the perfect liquid: Demijohn 1969. In a cool dark corner of The Glenrothes warehouse cellar, behind locked bars, is a small and finite collection of dust-covered demi-johns. The whisky within was laid down in the late 1960s and has been preserved in glass in the bowels of our distillery for more nearly a decade. It is a beautiful and truly unrepeatable liquid from a bygone era. A story in every sip.”

The Glenrothes’ Demijohn 1969
Credit: The Glenrothes

Together, Stone and Fox made it their mission to create an apparatus that protects and pours the most luxurious whiskies at sea without spilling a drop. Their aim is to push boundaries and challenge conventions yet remain rooted in The Glenrothes’ heritage and craftsmanship.

“We began with our precious liquid. We would need to protect each drop so that it could be consumed on the open sea without any fear of spillage in the pour. Secondly, we wanted unparalleled beauty, attention to detail and storytelling to envelop our prized whisky. Finally, the experience must be seamless and delightful, with a dash of theatre,” says Stone.

To experience the unparalleled beauty and precision of Philos at sea, contact the private client management team at The Glenrothes today.

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