The Spa & Wellness at Oil Nut Bay

14 March 2017

Slow down and smell the jasmine. Sometimes we forget that a vacation is about relaxing to the utmost and indulging in only the best life has to offer. Those seeking a hidden gem where they can reset and recharge by the blue waters of the Caribbean sea can find it on Virgin Gorda, the second most populous of the British Virgin Islands. It is in this sunny setting of crystal-clear waters, pristine coral reefs and white sand beaches that Oil Nut Bay is located.

Relax and unwind at Oil Nut Bay

Far from the crowds of other destinations, this stunning luxury resort and residential community boasts The Spa as its newest first-class amenity. The peaceful retreat was designed and built to harmonise with its natural cliff surroundings and features two treatment rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass windows framing the flawless horizon of the Caribbean sea. It also boasts a beauty room and dramatic terrace with a heated saltwater plunge pool. Finally, the terrace is the perfect yoga platform with instruction available for all levels, offering guests another way to relax and unwind in this unparalleled location.

The menu features a variety of treatments, including a de-stress massage with rose and jasmine, body sculpting and wraps, facials, manicures and pedicures. This serene realm is where restoring your wellbeing and balance comes into focus. The Spa features exclusively Organic Pharmacy luxury beauty products, hand-made in small batches in London. Utilising the highest level of extracts and herbs, these truly luxurious lotions and products, are packed with nutrients and aromatic ingredients of exceptional quality, ensuring an exquisite experience and healthy glow.

Enjoy a soothing treatment in a stunning location

Oil Nut Bay’s sunny climate, natural settings and exhilarating outdoor adventures can inspire a renewed dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Five hiking trails vary in their intensity and offer up incredible and unique views of the oceans and diverse terrain across the property, and they can be explored by mountain bike, too. The Wellness Studio, located adjacent to the tennis courts in the centre of the resort boasts a full range of cardiovascular equipment, pilates reformers and a beautifully detailed yoga studio. Both Hatha and Vinyasa yoga instruction can be taught here or at outdoor locations like the Spa.

The sun and sea are the original cure-alls. The natural reefs that create such brilliant blue waters also make for a naturally protected and calm harbour. Take a dip here, and you’re sure to meet a sea turtle as they roam the turtle grass. Grab a paddleboard or a kayak or have the watersports instructor join you for a tranquil trip through the gentle sea breeze, or go out for a sail and feel the spray of the waves. Between the serenity of The Spa, yoga instruction, state-of-the-art fitness equipment and ample outdoor excursions, relaxing here is a breeze. Let the sunshine of this island environment awaken and restore your wellness.

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