This tool will make your charter yacht seriously popular this winter

9 December 2015By Zoe Dickens

Fast, reliable connectivity is an essential in the modern era - even on a superyacht. This is particularly true of charter yachts where guests, for whom high connectivity is part of everyday life, expect to be able to continue their daily online activities whilst sharing their vacation experience with family and friends in real time.

Most people would never choose a hotel without connectivity and the same goes for superyachts these days. Good bandwidth should be considered an essential for any charter yacht and, like a well-stocked toy box or onboard cinema, having access to live media and on-demand entertainment could be the deciding factor between your yacht and another. Plus, as investing in good bandwidth may only raise your charter rate by 2-3 per cent, connectivity is certainly an asset worth having.

Charter guests expect to be connected, wherever they are

However, there are some things you should consider when selecting your connectivity package. For example, you should choose a flexible contract that allows for bandwidth upgrades and does not tie you into paying for high connectivity when there are no guests on board. The ideal charter contract would provide only the necessary connectivity throughout the season while allowing you to boost it only when the yacht is in use.

If you are considering getting the right onboard communications for the Caribbean season then MTN’s Maestro could be the perfect solution. Using the latest technology, MTN’s Maestro will optimize the bandwidth and allow you to control the way it is distributed on board - meaning guests will always benefit from most of it - and ensure the captain has everything he needs to run the yacht efficiently. And this season, MTN has put together a specific charter package with dedicated bandwidth upgrades and five live TV channels to satisfy guest requirements.

It's important you ask clients to completed a Connectivity Lifestyle interview so you know how much data they will need

But how to work out the amount of bandwidth you really need? While this may be a simple decision when using your yacht for personal use, it can be easy to over or underestimate the needs of charter guests. For this reason it is important to consider adding a Connectivity Lifestyle interview to your charter preference sheets. By asking guests to answer a few simple questions about their online habits you can work with your provider to deliver the exact level of connectivity required, guaranteeing happy guests without unnecessary costs.

To ensure you’re asking the correct questions, MTN has prepared an easy-to-use connectivity interview suitable for all charter yachts. To access the document simply email Juliette Warter at or to find out more about onboard connectivity and find a solution that meets your needs, download MTN’s handy DO’s and DON’Ts Guide at