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Experience the extraordinary aboard one of these top charter yachts this winter

12 November 2021• Written by Laura Nicholls for Yachting Partners International

With 2021 fast coming to an end, it is time to think about how best to round off the year and get ready for the next. For those who agree that a superyacht cruise fits the bill, perhaps to relax in the sunkissed Caribbean or amongst the mind-blowing wild frontiers of Antarctica, then the full-service yachting house Yachting Partners International (YPI) has everything on hand to make it happen.

For further inspiration, here are just a handful of the personally-curated charter experiences that Yachting Partners International (YPI) has available this winter…

Fly, ski, cruise and climb in Antarctica

As the landscape in Antarctica continues to change, it is a destination that should be put at the top of anyone’s bucket list. With breath-taking vistas at every turn, it is a place where scenery truly is king.

When setting off further south from King George Island – avoiding the often rough Drake Passage – it is possible to cover a lot by superyacht in Antarctica. Those brave enough can get the chance to feast their eyes upon the large tabular icebergs of the Weddell Sea and the abundance of healthy penguin colonies across the region, including the emperor penguins that breed during the winter along the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Antarctica also offers unparalleled opportunities for skiing and climbing. As the continent’s unique climate is dry, some climbs are mysteriously ice-free. However, adventurous climbers needn’t go so high, as the clear, pollution-free skies give a breathtaking panorama.

For those who do want to get sky-high, a helicopter is a real asset and can help get the group to the base of a climb, to where you can wild ski for a once-in-a-lifetime descent, or give a fantastic birds-eye view of any roaming whale pods. On a clear day, everything from near the islands of Gerlache Strait in the north to the Crystal Sound in the south can be seen.

Ultimately, a trip to Antarctica is not a trip to be taken lightly, and guests will be reliant on an experienced captain and crew, an expert guide and YPI’s client experience team. The memorable result is being able to encounter life away from the madding crowd, rebalance with Mother Nature and share space with wildlife.

A yacht such as the 73.6-metre four-decked Naia can take up to 12 guests to Antarctica this winter from $695,000 per week with a custom itinerary that makes the most of the area and the yacht. Naia has space for a five-person submarine and features a large fully-certified helipad, a cinema, an eight-man Jacuzzi and a state-of-the-art gym.

Dance the night away under the stars of the Caribbean

For warmer climates, vistas of perfect paradise and plenty of activities, the Caribbean is the place to be. The classic charm of the area is down to the 700+ different tropical islands that are home to leading luxury spas, top resorts, party hotspots and some of the most beautiful anchorages in the world.

One of the biggest benefits of visiting via superyacht is the freedom and access to many of the hidden nooks and crannies of the coastlines that are only reachable by boat. Harbour Island, for example, is one spot that has not been spoilt by mass tourism and is well worth a visit – particularly to see the beautiful three-mile-long Pink Sands beach. The surrounding crystal-clear waters are calm and perfect for swimming and snorkeling, plus, the island’s coral reef is one of the best scuba dive sites in the Caribbean.

For a slightly more extreme underwater adventure, charter guests can request from YPI’s client experience programme that a diving excursion is pre-arranged with a fully-qualified dive leader to seek out some vibrant tropical wildlife as well as whale and tiger sharks. If in close proximity to Cuba, a dive or a snorkel around Cayo Largo’s coral reef is highly recommended, or a local sportfishing or fly-fishing excursion is always an experience to remember.

Available to be chartered from €300,000 a week, a frequent visitor of the Caribbean and the Bahamas is the ever-popular 72-metre Axioma and, with the help of her well-known crew and support from YPI, has played host to many parties, gatherings and sundown soirées. Similarly, the 52-metre superyacht Seven Sins can also be taken to the Caribbean from $270,000 per week by those interested in an ultimate ocean escape with many comfortable onboard amenities including a large tender to explore further afield.

Find secret lagoons in Thailand

A yacht seen cruising against the backdrop of Asia’s magical islands is often a sight to behold – particularly while isle hopping from Phuket, Thailand. The route south along the adjoined coastline of Thailand and Malaysia weaves in and out an enchanting archipelago of islands fringed with perfect white sand beaches and palm trees. The culture here stands out for the sunny smiles of the inhabitants, their warmth and generosity and the local food. From salty just-caught seafood to ripe sweet mangoes and spicy chillies, the spectrum of flavours in this part of the world is well remembered and sought after by past travellers.

While indulging in the local lifestyle, there are plenty of outdoor adventures to suit everyone. For the adrenaline-junkies, stand-up paddleboarding and a jungle zipline should do the trick; or, for a more serene time, the many National Parks and their winding mangrove rivers and hidden beaches provide an instantly relaxed and laidback vibe. Another firm favourite many add to the itinerary is the island of Koh Muk as, known for being an old pirate hangout, the island is home to a mesmerising inland lagoon and secret beach that is reachable after swimming 80 metres through a tunnel. After a day like this, a romantic dinner under the stars on the yacht’s aft deck while anchored within a secluded bay is the perfect way to end.

To enhance the trip even further, chartering the classic 33-metre sloop Shamoun for the occasion certainly does the job. Fitted out with all the modern-day amenities, the yacht has impressive sailing capabilities and can tuck into any secret shallow bays. With four good-sized staterooms to accommodate nine guests, Shamoun can be chartered from $65,100 per week this winter in the Indian Ocean and South East Asia.

Take a deluxe desert safari amongst the pyramids

In the Red Sea, there are many outstanding opportunities – but one of the most appealing is the chance to enjoy the sun all year round, particularly on board one of the many yachts ready for charter in the area.

This destination comes with an array of incredible activities that can be incorporated into a client’s fully-custom itinerary and for many, the ultimate expedition on land is being able to witness the Ancient Egyptian pyramids up close. While in the Valley of the Kings and the Luxor desert, an exciting camel ride or dune buggy excursion can take the experience to the next level.

In the northern part of the Red Sea, the coastline is built up of a mixture of barren mountains and raw expanses of desert. While there is plenty to see at sea, the in-land vibrant cities and less-visited towns that offer flavoursome cuisine, fascinating ancient legends, rock art, lonely ruins and bustling markets.

Those who prefer to take advantage of the underwater sights – particularly those around Saudi Arabia that are unspoiled, vibrant and alive due to the lack of dive tourism – can immerse themselves in the crystal clear turquoise waters and the many iconic dive sites that are teeming with vibrant wildlife. Triggerfish, Emperor fish, parrotfish and clownfish, as well as diverse reefs, shipwrecks and stunning coral gardens are all there to be found. While being protected in the Red Sea, there are also impressive green and hawksbill turtles that can be spotted along the way as well as many underwater wrecks. ​​The Thistlegorm ship bombed in the Red Sea during the war in 1941, for example, is renowned as one of the world’s top five wreck dives and still features the likes of gun carriers and motorbikes.

For yacht charters in the Red Sea, where beautiful weather, undiscovered sandy coves and warm waters filled with fantastic marine life is all for the taking, contact the YPI charter team who can help organise the perfect charter to suit any client.

Count the 115 islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is a part of the world that offers its visitors sights of palm-fringed beaches, rare wildlife, lush rainforests and busy coral reefs. One of the best parts about the region is the uncrowded cruising and, in some places, being secluded enough to not see another boat or person for miles.

Another big benefit of the Indian Ocean is that it is home to some of the best luxury spas in the world. Offering ancient remedies, modern science, meditation, yoga and ultimate pampering, the spas in and around Asia has something for everyone. On the Seychelle island of Mahé, the Anantara Maia Villas and the Four Seasons are just some of the premium shoreside resorts that are renowned for their outstanding spa services.

During a tour of the Indian Ocean, guests can expect to see how the divine archipelago of the Maldives and the 115 islands that form the Seychelles are those with everything typically associated with paradise. The sparkling sand, warm clear seas and magical sea life seen here come with the added bonus of abundant five-plus-star resorts with bungalows set above the ocean and Michelin star restaurants – and this is what makes the Indian Ocean brim with experiences that are rewarding for any visitor.

For yacht charters in the Indian Ocean, contact the YPI charter team who can help organise the perfect charter for any client.

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