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Travel to Southern Italy with menswear designer Luca Faloni

14 June 2022 • Written by Laura Nicholls for Luca Faloni

This summer, many owners and charterers will take their superyachts to the sun-drenched Italian coastline. With much to be adored in Italy, it is hard to choose where to start. One person who is well-equipped to offer travel advice is Luca Faloni, the founder of the luxury all-Italian fashion brand. His choice for this summer is Puglia’s city of Lecce.

As the region that creates the country’s boot heel, Puglia is formed of hundreds of kilometres of coastline with scenic beaches and a maze of old towns. Amid these coastal towns are stunning rock cliffs, ancient watchtowers and lighthouses, whereas further inland is a swash of Puglian countryside dotted with centuries-old farms. Here lies Lecce. Dubbed ‘the Florence of the South’, the city is graced with baroque buildings, winding streets, upmarket boutiques and tasteful Pugliese restaurants.

With so much to see and do in Puglia, staying comfortable for any adventure ashore as well as at sea is essential – especially with the long days and hot Mediterranean sun. However, those who pack Luca Faloni’s collection of quality linen and cotton clothing will find they have all they need.

The luxury cotton and linen used to create Luca Faloni’s Timeless Collection of quality fine Italian-made clothing are the perfect materials for warm climates. As the fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic, the fibres are highly water-absorbent, breathable and soft – perfect for days and nights at sea or in a must-see city such as Lecce. Opting for the Luca Faloni Portofino Linen Shirt will keep its wearer comfortable and smart enough for any occasion. It is a relaxed look that doesn’t compromise on smartness; a quality that also makes it suited to evening wear.

In today’s fashion, a linen shirt is one of the garments of choice for anything from an early evening aperitivo to more formal events. And the same goes for the rest of the Luca Faloni collection, especially as every item comes in a range of colours, lengths, styles and materials.

The silk-cotton shirts, for example, are available in short or long sleeves, as well as polo, shirt or T-shirt styles. While the luxurious combination of silk and cotton gives a lightweight and silky texture, the timeless styles can be paired with any type of trousers or shorts for a perfect look. Opting for a more permanent wardrobe with the durable and timeless garments from Luca Faloni is a fundamental step towards supporting a more sustainable clothing industry.

The eco-friendly materials used for all of Luca Faloni clothing have been sourced from some of the most prestigious mills and traditional suppliers in Italy. Using traditional techniques, skilled artisans transfer the raw materials and fashion them into stylish hand-finished products.

Proudly bearing a ‘Made In Italy’ label, each of the garments are crafted in a way that intends to improve the lifestyle of the wearer, wherever they may be.

To add to your wardrobe of long-lasting garments for a confident continental look, visit the Luca Faloni website here.

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