Video: Steve Gresham discusses core tenets of standout superyacht design

Yacht designer Steve Gresham, founder of the Mayfair based Gresham Yacht Design, has discussed the key elements of standout superyacht design in conversation with BOAT International.

Gresham took BOAT on a whistle-stop tour of London to visit some of his most revered design icons, including Bentley, tailor Harvie & Hudson and the Hignell art gallery.

Gresham said the elements of “quality, craftsmanship, heritage, bespoke and producing something that’s unique” are present in all of these design institutions.

Gresham highlighted the unrivalled quality of Bentley cars, specifically the brand's exemplary engineering credentials, on a visit to the British company's London garage. The same quality is imperative in his work designing superyachts, he said.

The leatherwork stitching inside the Bentley Continental reflects the same quality “we’d expect in a superyacht interior", he said.

Next up, Gresham visited the tailor Harvie & Hudson, “the only family owned multi-generational tailor on Jermyn Street”, and highlighted the company's dedication to heritage and tradition.

Gresham admires the artwork of Kate MccGwire at the Hignell art gallery in London

Just like yacht design, the act of tailoring centres around the demands of the customer, Gresham said.

“Like bespoke tailoring, bespoke yacht design is all about speaking with the customer. It’s a customer led service. We will sit down and discuss with an owner exactly what the requirements are.”

Finally, Gresham visited the Hignell art gallery, specifically the art of Kate MccGwire, to illustrate the importance of uniqueness to superyacht owners.

“Through art we can identify the value of a superyacht – quality materials, bespoke craftsmanship and unique design,” he said.

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