Video: Why we need to save the oceans

We love the oceans and so do Y.CO as demonstrated by their support of The Ocean Awards - which recognise the hard work and perseverance of people helping support ocean conservation the world over - earlier this year.

However, with the recent news that coral in the Great Barrier Reef is continuing to die at an alarming rate due to pollution and rising sea temperatures, it is clear there is much more to be done. So why should you care about the plight of the seas? And how can you make changes that will ensure you can still enjoy the yachting lifestyle in a sustainable manner? In the video below, we sit down with some of Y.CO’s staff at the Monaco Yacht Show to find out.

“It’s very sad to go to a destination which you consider to be incredibly remote, and almost uninhabited, to find huge evidence of man’s impact on the planet,” explains charter broker Eleanor Bloodworth.

“I’m so passionate about ocean conservation because throughout my life I’ve had some amazing opportunities to enjoy the oceans and I want my children to enjoy those same experiences,” adds Will Christie of Y.CO’s Yacht Sales department. “If we carry going the way we are there will be nothing left for them to enjoy.”

Many of the Y.CO team also noted that the health of the oceans is intrinsically linked to the health of the yachting industry and the enjoyment that comes with it. “Our boats are out there using the water as their absolute medium for moving around and for supplying fun,” comments Tasmin Priestley, director of Yacht Charter. “If that water is not clean and full of interesting things then very quickly our clients will feel disassociated from that.”

“Ocean conservation is really important to Y.CO because it’s the heart of what we do. Without the oceans we don’t exist,” concludes creative director Callum Peden. “We try to encourage our guests to enjoy the oceans, to enjoy the yachts and have fun on the water but at the same time if we can’t conserve those oceans then there won’t be anything to have fun on.”

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