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Inside Vistra's tailor-made solutions for yacht owners

26 January 2021By Vistra

Highly experienced in providing expert advice and hands-on support, Vistra has become the go-to company for handling the administrative burden of yacht ownership and charter. With offices located around the world and a vast network of lawyers, tax advisors and yacht brokers, Vistra offers tailor made solutions for marine and aviation clients. 

From guidance on buying a new yacht and raising finance to assisting yacht owners and their representatives on critical decisions, Vistra can remove the administrative stress from the joys of yacht ownership and charter.

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Among Vistra’s offerings is its Mallorca-Model, a product that helps owners navigate the daunting requirements of chartering their yachts in Spain. Aimed specifically at US, Russian, Chinese and other non-EU commercial yacht owners wishing to charter in Spain, the Mallorca-Model removes the complex admin requirements from owners and takes complete responsibility for setting a yacht up for charter. 

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This includes the declaration of the yacht in an EU customs authority, which requires the valuation of the yacht and the payment of VAT and customs duties. Additionally, Vistra has set up a charter company which undertakes the commercial operation of the yacht while on charter in Spain. The Mallorca Model allows owners to maximise their charter business in the vibrant Spanish cruising grounds without worry.

Other products in Vistra’s diverse portfolio include yacht registration. The company is particularly keen to stress the benefits of yacht registration in Malta and handles all paperwork to provide a smooth registration process. Highlighting the country’s favourable position in central Mediterranean, Vistra recommends all clients based in the EU or navigating EU waters to opt for a Maltese flag. Among its attractive benefits are its watertight reputation, membership of the EU and tested legal framework for yacht registration. Additionally, Malta offers competitive fees, no restrictions on the nationalities of the crew and an efficient, straightforward procedure for yacht registration.

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