Watch: Inside the Ocean Awards 2017 with Y.CO

1 February 2017

On January 11, 2017 the Ocean Awards ceremony took place in London. The awards, which celebrate the people and organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to ocean conservation, were held in association with Y.CO and the Blue Marine Foundation.

This glittering event recognised the work of nine worthy winners from fields as diverse as science, business, politics and journalism. Go inside the Ocean Awards 2017 with the video below.

Brokerage firm Y.CO, which has shown its commitment to ocean conservation over the past few years with projects such as environmental awareness campaign the Clearwater Initiative and its work with the Plastic Oceans Foundation, played a large part in making the event possible.

"When we were introduced to the Ocean Awards we were so excited about being part of it. Ocean conservation is so important us." said Y.CO co-founder Charlie Birkett.

"The Ocean Awards are doing amazing things for ocean conservation and for the awareness of the efforts that people are putting in," added Tom Arden of the Plastic Oceans Foundation. "It's rare that people get the opportunity for exposure like this."