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Pearl 95

What it’s like to be an owner of a boutique yacht built by Pearl

7 September 2022 • Written by Laura Nicholls for Pearl Yachts

Owning a Pearl yacht is meaningful. It shows that a choice has been made to own a more exclusive product made by a brand that has clear values. Even with the fleet now growing and bigger models hitting the water, these values remain at the heart of the brand. To find out more, founder Iain Smallridge explains to BOAT how Pearl Yachts stand out from the crowd and put owners at the forefront of the entire build process.

Limited edition yachts

Known for its growing fleet of flybridge yachts – including the Pearl 62, 72, 80 and 95 models – Pearl Yachts builds an intentionally low number of units, with around 12-15 yachts produced each year. This deliberate strategy ensures that every owner has the team’s full intention and care. “Here our owners aren’t just a number,” Smallridge explains. “The Pearl Yachts family was created through the direct relationships we build with our customers. By delivering a smaller volume of high-quality yachts, we offer that attention to detail and individuality, which our mass-produced competitors cannot match.”

Pearl Yachts founder Iain Smallridge

In a market dominated by well-known and much larger shipyards, Pearl Yachts intends to maintain its status as a boutique shipyard. “The concept of a boutique builder isn’t new. But for us, it fits perfectly because of the number of units we produce and how we are different to the mainstream market. A big name doesn’t necessarily mean the best product.”

The evidence lies in Pearl Yachts’ strong order book, where 16 yachts are on order and only a few spaces left for 2024. The Pearl 72 for example, is sold out until late 2023 with five units in process and the first yacht still yet to hit the water. The Pearl 62 is the brand’s most popular model, with 20 units sold to date since its launch in 2020.  “We also build some of our larger models on speculation,” adds Smallridge, “which is a tribute to our confidence in the product.”

Pearl 62

Value for money

Another attractive component of the brand is its pricing strategy. “Pearl stands for style, innovation and quality yet still manages to be excellent value for money,” says Smallridge. All Pearl Yachts come with a five-year warranty included in the package. “Five years is a long time in warranty terms, but we truly believe in the products and it helps to ensure the owner’s investment is protected well into the future. Our resale value and customer support are unparalleled because the quality of our yachts, is more than just skin deep,” he adds.

To assist owners wherever they are, Pearl Yachts has an established network of dealers in some of the world’s prime locations, including Palma, Florida, San Diego, Sydney, Hong Kong and Dubai but if an owner has an issue, they are able to contact the senior management at Pearl Yachts – this is the level of service we provide.”

Pearl 72

A market-first design

All of Pearl’s yachts have been designed exclusively by naval architect Bill Dixon and interior designer Kelly Hoppen CBE. As a result, the entire range comes with some unique features. “The new Pearl 72 is the first yacht in her size class to offer four en-suite cabins including two master cabins and a garage large enough to accommodate a tender and jet ski, the Pearl 62 has four guest cabins plus a jet ski garage – no other yachts in our market sector have these features,” says Smallridge. The largest model from Pearl Yachts, the Pearl 95, is one of the first of its size to offer a beach club as well as a full-beam main-deck master.

Interiors are styled by our world-class interior designers where clients can choose one of three different colour schemes. “No other yacht company works with Kelly Hoppen Interiors, and their neutral colours and signature sophisticated textures are so unique which has helped to give Pearl Yachts its identity.”

The owner's cabin on board the Pearl 95

Owner centric

Another benefit of being a boutique builder is that Pearl has been able to adapt and react to owners’ needs quickly. “Because we have fewer clients, we can afford each more time which improves their ownership experience and encourages them to want to move up in size,” explains Smallridge. The current size range offered by Pearl has been dictated by demand, and now with requests for larger yachts, “bigger boats are being developed”. As a result, Pearl has several repeat buyers and plans to expand the range following the Pearl 72’s global debut at FLIBS 2022. “Each model must be better than the last,” adds Smallridge, “What makes a Pearl yacht special is set to only be enhanced.”

To find out more about the current range, and what is yet to come from Pearl Yachts, contact the UK-based firm directly by visiting their website here.

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