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Fashion spotlight: What to wear on board this summer

17 June 2021 • Written by Laura Nicholls for Luca Faloni

As summer steps up, many are getting ready to set off on their next superyacht cruise in the sunshine. But first, it is time to pack a suitable wardrobe for life at sea, and those who choose to take Luca Faloni’s collection of quality, fine Italian-made linens will find they have all they need.

Luxury linen is the perfect material for warm climates, as its naturally hypoallergenic fibres make it highly water-absorbent, breathable and soft. Luca Faloni uses only 100% pure linen from the most long-standing and successful Italian mills to ensure the material is harvested in a way that protects unique soft touch and durability. As the material becomes softer with each wash and wear, linen is still 35% stronger than cotton and is proven to stand the test of time.

History writes that linen was much prized first amongst the Egyptians over 4,000 years ago followed by the ancient Romans, who both hailed the fabric as a mark of wealth and social standing. These days, only a very small percentage of clothing manufacturing is constituted of linen – which still makes a well-sourced linen shirt a special addition to any wardrobe.

The linen collection by Luca Faloni brings together the most modern styles with authentic legacy and notable eco-friendly efforts, as seen in these standout pieces:

Portofino Linen Shirt 

In a full range of colours, the Portofino shirt is part of the Luca Faloni shirt collection that comes with a variety of collar styles and colour constructions such as solid, melange and washed. All shirts are crafted with attention to special sartorial details such as ‘giglio’ stitching and precious mother of pearl buttons. 

During the day, a linen shirt is an intelligent alternative to the ubiquitous style of wearing short-sleeved polos with shorts, or swimming trunks. It is comfortable, but doesn’t compromise on smartness; a quality that also makes it suited to evening wear. Indeed, in any upmarket Mediterranean or Caribbean resort, a linen shirt is the garment of choice for an early evening aperitivo, or even slightly more formal events.

Elba Linen Jersey Polo and Jersey T-Shirt

The Elba garments are crafted in Brescia, Northern Italy, from one of the finest linen jerseys in the world in a way that optimises the linen fibres so they do not stretch, allowing the colour to never fade and resist damage from abrasion and washes. The low elasticity of the fibres is what gives linen garments and the Luca Faloni range its stylish texture. This lightweight and breathable textile is finished with a premium Aloe treatment for a luxuriously soft feel and is made to fit comfortably with a short-sleeved design and mother-of-pearl buttons. These polos and t-shirts are in a style that suits both city casual and shore-side leisure.

Lipari Linen Trousers and Panarea Linen-Cotton Shorts

To achieve the premium linen-cotton blend, Luca Faloni craftsmen have woven together 68% linen and 32% cotton to create shorts with a soft and refreshing feel that becomes silkier after each wear. Designed with a tailored yet comfortable silhouette, the Panarea shorts are perfect for moving from the beach to sundown aperitifs on a superyacht sun deck. With the shorts length coming in at just above the knee, the overall colour is obtained with a dye process (tinto capo) resulting in a light washed effect. The soft material allows the wearer to roll up the shorts for a more casual look.

Sourced from one of the most prestigious mills in Northern Italy by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, Luca Faloni linens are transferred from raw materials cultivated from flax fibre and fashioned into stylish sets of finished products. As flax grows naturally, it requires no additional water other than rainwater to grow pesticide-free – making it the most eco-friendly fabric available. 

Not only can wearing a linen garment help the planet, but can create a supremely confident continental look. To find out how to get yours, visit the Luca Faloni website here.

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