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Why go to Northern Europe for your superyacht refit project

28 September 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Balk Shipyard

In the dynamic world of superyachts, where innovation and luxury intertwine, the realm of refits is booming. As the new-build market flourishes, so does the demand for rejuvenating and customising existing vessels. Whether it's a desire for a fresh look or enhanced functionality, superyacht owners and crew are presented with a multitude of options for their refit projects. Celebrating its 225th anniversary this year, Balk Shipyard stands out as a true refit specialist, nestled in the picturesque town of Urk, The Netherlands. The question is: why should yacht owners and crew set their sights on Northern Europe for their next refit endeavour?

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Seamless synchronisation with superyacht sojourns

Refitting in Northern Europe isn't just about refurbishing your vessel, it's about embarking on an adventure through stunning and untouched landscapes. An increasingly sought-after region for superyacht expeditions, Northern Europe offers a refreshing alternative to conventional cruising destinations. Exploring the stunning North Sea, the serene waters of Sweden or Finland’s spectacular archipelago could seamlessly integrate with your refit project at Balk Shipyard's world-leading facilities. The strategic location of Balk Shipyard allows for easy access to a plethora of culturally rich and historically significant destinations, transforming your refit experience into a grand adventure. Superyacht adventurers can immerse themselves in the vibrant canals and world-renowned museums of Amsterdam, the charming ports and historic towns of Germany or the picturesque coastal towns and medieval cities of Belgium.

Credit: Balk Shipyard

What sets this region apart is the opportunity to relish a more authentic and luxurious experience. Unlike heavily frequented destinations bustling with tourists, the ports and marinas of Northern Europe remain unspoiled by the crowds, enabling unbridled itineraries. No longer confined to routes planned months in advance to avoid the risk of fully booked marinas, you can bask in the joy of a more spontaneous yachting season, charting your course wherever the wind takes you. Furthermore, as extreme heatwaves continue to plague other popular European yachting destinations, the pleasantly moderate temperatures of the north provide a climate that appeals to all, particularly children and elderly relatives. Northern Europe offers more than just a refit haven, it provides an exceptionally tranquil superyacht journey.

"Northern Europe is a treasure trove of superyacht experiences waiting to be discovered," notes Evan Kortmann, CEO of Balk Shipyard. "From the spectacular Northern Lights in Norway's Lofoten Islands to the awe-inspiring spectacle of Iceland's volcanic islands in Vestmannaeyjar, the region is truly magnificent. Traverse the Inner Hebrides in Scotland, where centuries-old whisky distilleries await, or set your course for Svalbard within the Arctic Circle, a realm of pristine wilderness. Superyachts should consider planning itineraries here not just for the refit advantage but to embark on journeys that redefine luxury, adventure and cultural immersion."

Credit: Balk Shipyard

Quality and efficiency guaranteed

Recent years have unveiled the intricate nature of the global supply chain, with shipyards often grappling to meet the escalating demands of the industry. Yet, within the heart of Northern Europe, the likes of Lürssen, Feadship and Damen Yachting thrive as renowned new-build shipyards, establishing a nexus of excellence in craftsmanship and expertise. Herein lies an unparalleled advantage for Northern European refit yards, as Balk Shipyard, situated in the same region, benefits from a steady influx of parts and skilled contractors, obliterating the woes of supply chain disruptions.

With many main players in superyacht construction based in Northern Europe, we have access to many naval architects, designers, engineers and more within just a two-to-three-hour drive away normally," explains Kortmann. "This gives us a huge advantage, enabling us to complete projects seamlessly and efficiently."

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Central to the Northern European ethos is a work culture distinguished by its efficiency and meticulous attention to detail. The highly skilled and dedicated team at Balk Shipyard mirrors this approach, where the focus is not on the quantity of projects completed but on achieving excellence in every task. In an industry that values quality over quantity, this commitment shines through every facet of the shipyard's work, ensuring that each refit project emerges as a masterpiece of innovation, luxury and craftsmanship.

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