Charter a superyacht in Antigua & Barbuda

21 January 2015

Antigua yacht charter

Antigua is an unusual island by Caribbean standards, neither a lazy backwater where nothing much happens, nor a destination for casino-lovers and duty-free shoppers. It has a bit of both about it, but there’s also something else.

Maybe it’s the tangible sense of history you get when you visit Antigua. Although the Caribbean is awash with history, little of it is visible to the visitor apart from the occasional fort.

Yes, you know that Spanish galleons and pirate ships sailed these waters 300 years ago, and you know that places such as New Providence were nests of pirates and Buccaneers, but there is little left to see nowadays.

However Antigua, with its beautifully preserved Nelson’s Dockyard, manages to combine history, facilities for cruise ships in St John’s, and a laid-back Caribbean vibe.

Snorkelling at green island | Photo courtesy of the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Board

The main facilities for superyachts are to be found at the south end of the island, in Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour. This is where you will find excellent boating facilities, as well as the beautiful and fascinating Nelsons Dockyard.

English Harbour is a delightful spot, and the combination of traditional English maritime architecture and Caribbean anchorage make this one of the most enchanting spots in all of the Caribbean.

Barbuda, a dependency of Antigua, is a small coral island 30 miles to the north. Interestingly, the islanders are taller than average due to an extraordinary genetic engineering project to breed bigger, taller slaves in the 18th-century.

Apart from its unusually tall inhabitants, Barbuda is best known for its wildlife, particularly its huge colony of frigate birds.

The reefs around the island are both beautiful, and littered with more than 60 wrecks, making it a haven for smugglers and divers.

English Harbour | Photo courtesy of the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Board


Amazing Anchorages

Off Green Island: Most tourists can’t reach here so you can enjoy lovely beaches and good snorkeling reefs away from the crowds.

Hottest Harbours

English Harbour: The Best Harbour in the Caribbean; a delightful place, an old-fashioned, classic, where you can get a traditional cream tea in the Admiral’s Inn. (However, avoid sailing week, which is very busy and the car park turns into a giant Barbecue…)

Perfect Parties

Shirley Heights: The Sunday night Reggae Party. You may as well go and enjoy the great party atmosphere – as you’ll be able to hear the music across the harbour in any case!

Shirely Heights Reggae Party | Photo courtesy of Shirely Heights

Delicious Dining

The Inn on English Harbour: This has a good terrace and if you fancy it, you can have a traditional ‘English’ cream tea…

Awesome on-shore activities

There are many high-end resorts along the Northeast coast – a good area to explore by tender.

Brilliant Beaches

Barbuda, Coco Point: Ten miles of perfect silver sand that runs along the south coast of Barbuda.

Superb Snorkelling/Swimming

Green Island: The luminescent turquoise waters around Green Island’s white sand beaches are undoubtedly Antigua’s best ‘desert island’ anchorage. There is good snorkelling over shallow reef and it’s a lovely place to swim and relax.

Wonderful Wildlife

Barbuda, Man o’War Island: Home to a thriving frigate bird colony, you can visit by tender and enjoy the sights, sound – and smell – of the dramatic birds – especially the males as they inflate their red throat pouches to display to their mates and rivals.

Off The Beaten Track

Barbuda: With no big tourist resorts, this is a good place for solitude and just ‘limin’ – chilling out…