The BOAT Artistry & Craft Awards Directory

The BOAT Artistry & Craft Awards celebrate the exceptional craftmanship of those who spend countless hours applying their skills to create beautiful objects on board superyachts.

The yachting industry provides many incredible commissions for artisans that allow them to create their most accomplished work. BOAT is committed to encouraging meaningful connections between these artisans and people in the yachting industry who can help support them.

Through the Artistry & Craft Awards, we are proud to celebrate and feature these remarkable artisans and continue to support their success in the industry. We encourage anyone who is interested in these artisans to contact them directly via the links below.

If you know an exceptional craftsperson who deserves to be recognised for their work and would benefit from being included in this new directory, you can nominate them for the 2025 awards here.

If you have any questions, please contact the events team.