Kreative Metallform

A manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel components for any interior and exterior area of superyachts. The German firm works in 3D construction, with specialisms in metal, glass and wood. 


In 1997, Peter Joachimmeyer, founded the company in a garage in Westerstede, near Bremen. Since then, the company has grown steadily and has already expanded its production facilities twice. Starting this summer, we will have a 2000m² production facility at our disposal.

Since 2001 Kreative Metallform is engaged in large yacht and cruise ship construction. They successfully established themselves in the market. Today the company offers several patented systems and products, such as the world novelty in premium wind protection, their Electric Stacking Gate for luxury yachts.

Services and Products

Kreative Metallform's portfolio includes measurement, manufacturing, finishes, installation, and maintenance for brands such as Christian Dior, Daimler and Hugo Boss as well as the Lürssen Werft, Abeking & Rasmussen and more. The company's product solutions include a wide variety of own partly patented products. Other products involve Moveable Windbreakers, folding doors, height-adjustable tables and sliding hatches – just some examples of outstanding products designed for the luxury yacht market.

Kreative Metallform's latest innovation for premium wind protection is the Electric Stacking Gate for luxury yachts. This gate provides elements that can be stored in the ceiling, so that the field of view only consists of glass. While it is very quiet operating, it can be controlled via remote control or mobile phone. The top elements can be used for ventilation and neither floor bushings nor rails in the deck are needed.