Paolo Pontiggia

Paolo Pontiggia offers formal and casual-chic bespoke clothes and accessories. Everything is handmade in Italy and custom designed on your measurements and needs, wherever you need it to be. The treasured skills of the artisans in Napoli are combined with the creative ideas of the designers from Lake Como and all are led by a visionary stylist and entrepreneur based in Lugano (Switzerland).

Italian for roots, tradition, craftmanship and beauty. Swiss for precision, reliability and organisation

History of Paolo Pontiggia

The Pontiggia family has been in the high-end textile business for three generations and the fourth is coming. It all began just after World War II, when Paolo Pontiggia, grandfather of today’s Paolo, settled the company Torcitura del Colombaio in Costamasnaga (Como), Italy. He bought an ancient spinning mill from the early 19th century and started the production of twisted noble yarns in silk, using the skills and knowledge acquired as general manager of a parachute factory during the war.

Then, Paolo’s son, Filiberto, in the ’60s transformed the spinning in a jacquard weaving mill and started to produce the richest and finest silk fabrics for the most important fashion houses, becoming part of the industrial district of Como, worldwide known as “Citta’ della Seta” (City of Silk). In the ’80s, Paolo, from the third Pontiggia’s generation, entered the family business pushing for the creation of a branch that could develop his own collection of accessories, ties, scarves and precious silk fabrics for fashion and home decor, with the idea and conviction that customization will be the key for luxury fashion trends in the future.

In 2012, Paolo moved to Switzerland and settled in Lugano a new company with the mission to create products and beauty for his clients, not only proposing specific collection, but developing with and for them their own style. The idea was to introduce in Switzerland and worldwide the concept of customized fashion, from the accessories to total look and full bespoke individual style.

Sartorial service

The pure essence of bespoke and on-site service to dress clients to suit their personality. Everything starts with a first visit and a discussion on the clients’ needs and preferences, as well as on the clients’ passions, jobs and all that can help to elaborate a real unique custom look.

The choice of the fabric is the funniest part and the client gets to choose among a selection of the world best fabrics from Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, DJAnderson, Thomas Mason, Alumo and many more.

Then each detail is studied to meet the client pleasure and satisfaction and everything can be customed designed and personalised. The entire look is handmade produced in a real sartoria Napoletana from our experienced master tailor. There is a total of quite 50 hours of hand labour behind every suit. Once ready, it’s the moment of the private fitting and delivery ceremony: at disposal of the client, according to his preferences, a relaxing moment at home or office or onboard a yacht.

Corporate Uniforms

Thanks to a long tradition and expertise in the customization of high-end accessories, we are able to create a unique bespoke experience also for corporate teams. Sartorial custom service is studied, modulated and realized exclusively for top organizations such as luxury companies, private banks, membership clubs, private jet companies, top cars dealers and producers and yacht shipyards and boat crews.

The accessories, the designs and the styles are made to match each company's DNA and standards requested. Paolo Pontiggia doesn’t only offer uniforms but contributes to reinforcing brand identity for corporate clients.