Sleipner Group

About Sleipner

Sleipner is a world-renowned technology company known for its products that improve safety and comfort in boats up to 160 feet. Our solutions have long been a benchmark for the boating industry, both in the professional and leisure segments. Today, we can confidently say that your voyage at sea will always be better with a Sleipner solution onboard. However, success doesn’t happen overnight.

A considerable number of Sleipner’s employees are dedicated boaters. We have spent a lot of time at sea, in sometimes less than ideal conditions. We have experienced and learned the absolute dependency boaters have on their vessel and equipment onboard. This, along with our substantial industry legacy, is what drives us. We strive to create solutions we desire to have in our own boats.


Our products result from more than a hundred years of passion for the sea, enthusiasm for the craft, continuous improvement, and old-fashioned hard work.

Sleipner started as early as 1908, and our headquarters and factory have been in Fredrikstad, Norway, since 1910. From the beginning, Sleipner mainly produced motors known for their extreme reliability for leisure and fishing vessels, and many boaters know us through tales of the sea passed down through generations. What these stories all have in common is a Sleipner installed at the boat's heart.

In the early ‘80s, our focus turned towards developing thruster systems. Since then, creating solutions that help boaters master the sea elements – steering, stabilization and thruster systems – has been the core of our business.

Today, the Sleipner Group has an annual turnover of approximately NOK 500 million. We consist of more than 170 employees shared between our headquarter in Norway and subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. We also have distributors worldwide, with their network of dealers and service personnel, ensuring local support and expertise.