CNT Castagnola

Still practicing the fine art of building luxury yachts out of wood, Construzioni Navali Tigullio is headquartered in Lavagna, Italy. The shipyard offers custom sailing yachts and the Castagnola series of motor yachts ranging from 24 to 37 metres in length.


Shipwright Giovanni Castagnola founded CN Tigullio in Lavagna, near Genoa, in 1974. Despite the trend toward building yachts in aluminium or composite, Castagnola focused his shipyard’s efforts on producing wooden luxury yachts, utilising a triple layer of mahogany for the hull sides and bottom, iroko for the keel and stem, ask to frame the deck, and teak for the decking itself. The shipwright designed a fast V-hull for his Castagnola motor yacht series, but limited production to no more than two yachts per year in order to give his artisans time to handcraft each boat with care.

Today, CN Tigullio uses contemporary products such as West System epoxy to seal its wooden luxury yachts and ensure their durability. Giovanni Castagnola still supervises production personally.

Notable Yacht

In 2013, CN Tigullio launched the custom 38-metre sailing superyacht Andromeda.

The product of a fruitful collaboration between the shipyard and many design houses, the classic schooner features naval architecture by Silverio Della Rosa, a structural plan by Studio Faggioni, and interior décor by Nauta Yachts. With a huge sail plan and twin MAN 2866 LX40 diesel engines, Andromeda is equally adept at sailing and cruising under power.


CN Tigullio is one of few shipyards in the world specialising in wooden superyacht construction. It offers owners the opportunity to customise their new yachts, whether its just the interior design, or the entire project.

CNT Castagnola   39 m •  2013
CNT Castagnola   39 m •  2012
CNT Castagnola   38 m •  2015
CNT Castagnola   33 m •  2009
CNT Castagnola   32 m •  2007
CNT Castagnola   31 m •  2006
CNT Castagnola   30 m •  2001
CNT Castagnola   28.01 m •  2000
CNT Castagnola   28.01 m •  2004
CNT Castagnola   28.01 m •  1998
CNT Castagnola   26 m •  2002
CNT Castagnola   26 m •  1994
CNT Castagnola   25.5 m •  2009