Viraver Technology

Viraver is determined to leave a strong mark in the glass industry, and for this reason, it has implemented an ongoing development plan over the past two decades. The Beyond Glass 2030 vision sets the development path which Virave is following to become an international leader in the world of glass processing.

The project and the customer are at the heart of the system that drives Viraver to be the creator of the 'Glass of the New Millennium'. Since 2017, Viraver has made a series of investments to ensure constant company growth, and continuous improvement of processes and products.

Extra efficiency and technical performance have been achieved through the implementation of the 3D EXPERIENCE PLATFORM, which allows Viraver to have access to all project information in real-time and to track all data, from the development phase through design to production in a single digital platform. Viraver can thus benefit from corporate governance and can establish a '5G' connection between the company and the customer. The result is a smoother process that reduces time and costs.

Today, the use of advanced and quality glazing systems results in a more sustainable product, essential for new projects and even more so if we consider yacht refit.

The advantage of a Turnkey Project operation is that it allows customers to have access to Viraver’s know-how related to the design, development, and production of complex products. Viraver has implemented a specific Turnkey Project Management program, differentiated, and created ad-hoc to meet the requirements of the Yachting division, both for new projects and for refitting, where the sometimes-radical modification of the yacht is one of the most popular aspects of contemporary refitting, and the yacht's glass surfaces are not exempt from this.

Viarver's tailor-made service concept also includes, if required, the management of the relationship with ship registers for the approval and certification of the glass plan.