Viraver Technology

Viraver’s current activity is linked to both its experience and to the foresight of a family who believed and invested in its business and in its team, the architrave of a structure that is working for the company of today and that of tomorrow.

For this reason, Viraver can boast among its prerogatives the world leader in the chemical hardening process of glass, which has now reached the dimension of 8 m x 3.21 m, and the excellent quality of its products, both results of the investments implemented by the company in the research & development department.

Further proof of this is the increase in the size of its ovens dedicated to sag bending which can now accommodate surfaces of 6.50 m x 3.10 m in size. In 2021, Viraver is introducing its 3D EXPERIENCE platform to gain access to design data, and involve multiple disciplines beyond design and engineering in the glass production process. Last but not least the Viraver’s Turn Key project management is fast becoming the perfect programme for every new and bespoke project.


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