Wayne Parker Design

Wayne Parker Design provides a complete turnkey service from initial concept generation to the execution and delivery of its designs. Whether you are looking to create a stunning interior on board a superyacht, within a private residence or aircraft, Wayne Parker Design is ready to transform your wishes into reality. Using a combination of the latest technology such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) together with traditional techniques such as free-hand sketching, Wayne Parker Design is fully equipped to conceive and deliver a complete interior package that reflects a client’s wishes and goals.

Wayne Parker Design is a studio built on the belief that the fundamentals of good design remain the same regardless of the intended style. Carefully selected materials, textures, tones and lighting ensure a balanced and refined design that meets a client’s original intention. A client’s satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, ensuring each project is a successful collaboration. In a society that continues to grow and evolve, the need for clever design is extremely important and can be more than meets the eye. Our designs are based around emotional needs — understanding how a person or people live, which allows the creative process to align perfectly with our client’s vision and lifestyle regardless of the setting.

We believe in working with companies that are active in sourcing materials in a sustainable way and using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. Each project is undertaken with these principles in mind to ensure that in some part, we’re making a positive impact on the planet in the way we design and deliver our projects. Our studio’s environmental policy is focussed on reducing our carbon footprint to become more carbon neutral in the way we work. We travel extensively to meet clients and suppliers and we’re committed to offsetting our carbon footprint to enhance the livelihood of rural communities in developing countries, with a special interest in Africa.