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Azimut Magellano 60
Credit: Azimut

Interact with your yacht like never before with Azimut's AI solution

31 October 2023 • Written by Holly Margerrison for Azimut

"Google, set the temperature to 18 degrees." "Google, turn on the saloon lights." "Google, turn on the TV". These are just a few examples of voice commands Azimut customers will be able to activate on their yacht – increasing efficiency on board, streamlining programs and promoting more leisure time. As revealed in its video, Azimut is taking smart home automation to sea for the first time.

Demonstrating its relentless pursuit to innovate, the Italian shipyard aims to "close the gap between the vacation home and the yacht" by bringing artificial intelligence onto superyachts, with the beta version already installed on the 18.5-metre Magellano 60 for testing. The collaboration between Azimut, Google Cloud and digital solutions specialist Reply was announced during Cannes Yachting Show 2023.

Azimut's proprietary app will revolutionise how owners, guests and crew interact with yachts, functioning through voice commands and remote system access. Simplifying boat management and smart home functionality, the Vertex AI solution consolidates systems from different suppliers and integrates them into one streamlined platform, allowing everyone to focus more on what really matters: the sea, nature and time with family and friends.

Azimut|Benetti Group CIO Ferdinando Peretto says: "Our goal is to make people's lives easier and more enjoyable." He explains Azimut is already seeing interest in this type of technology amongst its customers, who "want what they already have at home and in their car on their yacht as well: more interactivity".

The benefits of a streamlined home automation system are clear, so what are some of the interactive functions you can enjoy?

The beta version has been installed on board the Magellano 60 for testing
Credit: Azimut

Regulate the yacht's internal temperature

With remote access to the system through the smartphone app, users can regulate the internal temperature of their yacht before stepping on board – making their yacht experience more personalised than ever. At the touch of a button, it's possible to adjust the temperature in any of the six zones, either collectively or in isolated spaces. Once on board, a simple voice command can manage the air conditioning and thermostats.

Control the lights

The technology enhances daily life on board by giving guests, owners and crew more autonomy when it comes to tailoring their environment. Users can turn lights on and off from the comfort of the sofa or switch on the lights on the flybridge before heading out, for example.

The new AI system will also act as a support for the crew, explains Peretto: "Our goal is to help them with solutions that offer support throughout their daily routines."

Manage entertainment systems

Lights, temperature – now time for action. With the ambiance set, guests can now turn their attention towards entertainment systems. The Google Cloud technology not only enables you to turn on the TV through voice command or the app but all the TVs have been installed with Chromecast systems, meaning you can access best-loved apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney and Spotify.

A simple voice command will also instruct Google to play music – perfect for unwinding in the main saloon or even entertaining on the flybridge.

Credit: Azimut

Resource management

Fun parts aside, the mobile app also permits monitoring of resources with up-to-date information from the main computer. Here, owners and crew can view real-time water and fuel levels to optimise boat management, while the option to integrate a security camera allows remote surveillance of the yacht.

Using the app's map of the boat, it is also possible to check on the wine coolers and fridges on board, which can be switched on or off to conserve electricity.

More developments to come

From entertainment, lighting and climate systems to appliances, the potential for future innovations regarding Azimut's artificial intelligence solution is endless. Peretto explains: "This is only the first phase. In the future, we will integrate new functions like “intelligent geolocation” and new Generative AI services to help the owner with the standard operation of the vessel."

Speaking of the measures in place to ensure the cybersecurity and data privacy of AI systems on superyachts, Peretto says: "Regarding Security and Privacy, Google Cloud and its partner ecosystem played a big role, directing us to implement a zero-trust approach with a secure-by-design foundation."

For more information on Azimut's onboard AI solutions, or the Magellano 60, contact the team at Azimut today.