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Captains' Golf Retreat: A perfect blend of golf, networking and Bermuda charm

4 July 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine

BOAT International recently partnered with the Bermuda Tourism Authority to host an unforgettable Captains' Golf Retreat on the picturesque island of Bermuda. The event, held from 12 to 15 June 2023, brought together eight yacht captains, as well as industry professionals and golf enthusiasts, for an exclusive chance to network through golf and enjoy the unique charm of Bermuda.

Day 1: Teeing off at Port Royal Golf Course

The retreat kicked off with participants checking in at the stunning Grotto Bay Beach Resort, where they were handed a complimentary washbag, kindly provided by Wiseman. After an evening of relaxation, guests indulged in a delightful dinner at the Bayside BBQ in Grotto Bay, taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort, Bermuda

On the following day, the excitement continued as participants enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading to the renowned Port Royal Golf Course. The teams of four embarked on an exhilarating round of golf on this challenging course, originally designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. The vast, gently undulating greens proved to be a true test of skill, with participants engaging in friendly competition while enjoying the spectacular waterside views.

Kim Swan, Captain Claudio Potenza and Captain Mattia Belleri

Whilst the attendees were competing against one another, it was not a requirement to be a proficient golfer to attend and enjoy the trip. In fact, the retreat warmly welcomed two captains who were completely new to the game of golf. 

Kim Swan and Toby Moore

After a morning on the course, a networking reception awaited the golfers at Port Royal Golf Course. The refreshing drinks and engaging conversations provided the perfect opportunity to connect with all those involved.

Exploring St. George's and welcome dinner

Mark Soares with yacht captains

The afternoon saw participants depart for St. George's Marina, where a delightful reception awaited. Guests had the chance to relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings before embarking on a tour of St. George's, hosted by local yacht agent Mark Soares. This immersive experience allowed attendees to discover the rich history and attractions of this charming location.

As the sun began to set, everyone gathered for the welcome dinner at Intrepid, one of Bermuda's finest restaurants. Captains, BOAT team members, and representatives from the Bermuda Tourist Authority enjoyed a casual yet elegant evening of delicious cuisine and memorable conversations, creating lasting connections and forging new friendships.

Day 2: Golfing at Newstead Belmont Hills

Captain Stilianos Xidakis, Toby Moore, Captain Mark Jones and Captain Pete Bronkie

Following a leisurely breakfast, participants departed for the picturesque Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Course. With its stunning vistas and unique challenges, this premier golf resort provided an exceptional golfing experience.

Andrew Archibald greeting the guests

After a successful day on the greens, attendees enjoyed a relaxed lunch at the Rosewood Beach Club, part of Rosewood Hotels. One team even managed to play 18 holes prior to their flight home at the hotel's very own golf course, Tucker's Point. Andrew Archibald, the hotel's managing director accompanied guests, offering insights into the club's offerings and adding a personal touch to the leisurely lunch.

Swizzle party and farewell dinner

In the evening, participants enjoyed a change of scenery as they ventured to Cambridge Beaches. Hosted by Hazel Clark of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, the Sundowner Lounge provided the perfect backdrop for a lively Swizzle party, where attendees networked and savoured Bermuda's signature rum cocktail.

The much-anticipated farewell dinner and prize giving took place at the elegant Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. Against the backdrop of the oceanfront and Bermudian charm, guests bid adieu to an unforgettable retreat. The prize giving ceremony added an element of friendly competition, recognising the golfers' achievements throughout the event.

Captain Ferdi Heymann, Captain Laurie Horo, Stewart Campbell and Captain Rory Hogan

The winning team comprised BOAT International editor-in-chief Stewart Campbell, Captain Laurie Horo, Captain Ferdi Heymann and Captain Rory Hogan. In addition to their team victory, individual accolades were also awarded. Captain Ferdi Heymann displayed remarkable accuracy, winning the Nearest the Pin prize, while Captain Rory Hogan showcased his impressive power, earning the coveted title of Longest Drive.

Other participants included Captain Stilianos Xidakis, Captain Mark Jones, Captain Pete Bronkie and BOAT International CEO Toby Moore.

Exploring Hamilton Princess Marina

The final day of the retreat began with breakfast at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, followed by a visit to Hamilton Princess Marina. Participants had the opportunity to explore the extensive superyacht facilities as Larry, the dockyard master, showcased the marina at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club Hotel.

To end the retreat on a high note, attendees were treated to a private rum tasting at the Bacardì headquarters. Nestled in the heart of Bermuda, this renowned distillery welcomed participants to indulge in the rich heritage and flavours of the world-famous Bacardì rum.

The Captains' Golf Retreat, organised in partnership with the Bermuda Tourism Authority, successfully combined the thrill of golf, networking opportunities, and the captivating allure of Bermuda. From challenging courses to breathtaking landscapes and delightful evenings, this retreat was truly an experience to remember.