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Credit: Custom Line

What’s next for Custom Line?

8 August 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Custom Line

With its hallmark commitment to customisation and pioneering approach to new technologies, Custom Line, a brand of Ferretti Group, has long established itself as a key player in the industry. But now, the Italian shipyard is entering a new chapter in its history. As a new generation of owners emerge and clients continue to demand more from their yachts, the Ferretti Group brand is making significant strides in its design and technology to put itself on the cutting edge of the market. While the industry eagerly awaits the unveiling of the Custom Line Navetta 38 and the Custom Line Navetta 50 next year, BOAT International caught up with Stefano de Vivo, chief commercial officer of Ferretti Group, to shed some light on what lies ahead.

Stefano de Vivo, CCO of Ferretti Group
Credit: Custom Line

The move to metal: More space and more customisation

Custom Line's bold transition from GRP to metalwork marks a pivotal moment in the yachting world. This strategic move offers superyachts unrivalled customisation and unprecedented volume, providing clients with the largest amount of onboard space for a yacht under 500GT. The upcoming Custom Line Navetta 50 will be the first Custom Line model built entirely in aluminium, which has been very well received, according to de Vivo. “[The Custom Line Navetta 50] is not going to be the last steel or aluminium construction that we do with Custom Line. With an average of 20 Custom Lines being launched each year, you can imagine how big and demanding our clientele is. The 50-metre size at 500GT has become a popular choice in the current market, so Custom Line will continue to develop in this area.”

Opting for aluminium is also beneficial for cruising in some of the most popular yachting destinations in the world. “Building with aluminium suits the displacement Navetta line very well because it has less draught,” de Vivo adds. "Not only is it better for cruising in shallow waters, such as the Bahamas and the Mediterranean, but you're not losing space and volume below the water line, allowing for maximum space above the water line where owners, guests and crew actually live.”

Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard, Ancona
Credit: Custom Line

A trusted brand that's recognised throughout the industry

Custom Line's allure has transcended boundaries, attracting an increasing number of clients in the Asia-Pacific and extending its reach into diverse markets. Renowned for its peerless customisability, the brand empowers owners to create yachts tailored to their every desire, from the exterior's loose furniture to the interior's floor-to-ceiling detailing. This emphasis on personalised luxury positions Custom Line as a trusted brand, particularly for newcomers to yachting who seek reassurance in a well-studied product. de Vivo highlights the importance of brand reputation when branching out to new markets. “This is why brands like Gucci and Hermes do so well in the luxury industry,” explains de Vivo. “People who are new to the yachting industry and do not have great experience want a prestigious brand that gives them reassurance that they’re getting a well-studied product and a company that will be there to help you in the after-sales period.”

Custom Line 140', latest model in planing line
Credit: Custom Line

Sustainability at the core

Custom Line's commitment to sustainability is at the heart of its endeavours. Adhering to strict ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) standards, the brand seeks to set an example for environmental and social responsibility. Embracing innovative practices, Custom Line models are now built with less weight and improved insulation, resulting in reduced power consumption for cooling while maintaining propulsion efficiency. Furthermore, the design of the upcoming Custom Line Navetta 38 also features an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, bringing a 70% reduction in NOx emissions (IMO3 compatible). Also available and upon request is the brand's first-ever MTU hybrid system, enabling emission-free operations in harbours, at anchor and near protected zones.

“Ferretti Group is proud of its genuine commitment to driving significant environmental change within the luxury yachting industry,” says de Vivo. “These tangible measures underscore our dedication to sustainability and showcase our earnest efforts to enact lasting positive transformations that reverberate throughout the yachting world.”

Credit: Custom Line

Instigating new ideas and fostering new technologies

Fostering a legacy of diversity and embracing each project as a unique expression of its owner's vision through customisation is at the heart of Custom Line’s ethos. At the forefront of Custom Line's visionary approach is its highly anticipated Convergence event, the long-running professional training event organised by Ferretti Group for over 100 captains and chief engineers of ships and yachts in its fleet. Serving as a catalyst for innovation and progress in the luxury yachting industry, Convergence brings captains and industry professionals together for in-depth discussions on crucial issues, with previous topics including, piracy, firefighting at sea and eco-conscious practices. The event enables Custom Line, as well as all the other Ferretti Group brands, to remain ahead of industry trends and address critical challenges, ensuring the brand's continuous adaptation to new ideas and cutting-edge solutions.

Moreover, according to de Vivo, the brand aspires to embrace a more diverse range of projects, recognising the inherent value in offering unique products to discerning clients. “This is a much safer business model because it’s easier to find 100 clients for 50 different products than it is to find 100 clients for the same product,” de Vivo explains. “It also protects our clients because the resale value is higher when it’s a more unique product.”

With the successful completion of the Navetta line, Custom Line now sets its sights on exciting new horizons. As the brand eagerly looks forward to unveiling fresh designs, de Vivo reveals the prospect of adding one more unit to finalise the planing line, possibly incorporating enhancements to the beach areas, while preserving its distinctive identity as a Custom Line yacht.

To find out more about what lies ahead for Custom Line, contact the team today.