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New details revealed: Heesen’s brand-new XV67 crossover explorer

4 November 2022

Heesen has perfected its position in the speculation, aluminium and steel market with a string of wildly-successful superyachts, and so it was only a matter of time before the pedigree boatbuilder branched out into new territory. Fresh from the design room is the XV67 explorer, a bold new undertaking set to give the shipyard a brand-new edge.

Created together with British studio Winch Design, the concept was presented during the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show and has almost immediately received a terrific response. The new explorer still clearly carries the Heesen DNA in a much more ambitious and muscular package. The aim is to not only tap into a new audience and the explorer sector, but to appeal to those clients who want a yacht engineered to travel off the beaten track in total safety and five-star comfort.

While the XV67 is still in her concept phase, Heesen and Winch Design have shared more details about the range of standout features on board the XV67 that would be sure to delight any prospective customer.

Compatible with any cruising ground

At first glance, the XV67 is a bold design. However, this avant-garde style has been created in a way that can look and feel at home in any location. Her muscular lines denote her capability to roam to more extreme places such as the Galapagos islands while her elegance easily fits in with the crowds in St Tropez or Portofino. “This concept is why we call her a crossover. It’s an exciting new DNA,” says Heesen’s chief commercial officer, Friso Visser.

After the team’s creation of Heesen’s first explorer concept design four years ago, named XVenture, the XV67 has gone above and beyond in terms of new solutions, new layouts and new appeal. The result is an exceptionally capable and beautiful bluewater voyager. “Lots of development has gone into this concept to create a new audience and market in the explorer sector for Heesen,” says Jim Dixon, managing partner and creative director, yachts & aviation, at Winch Design. “It’s very much a new concept, rather than a continuation of XVenture,” he adds.

Undoubtedly high performing

As with all superyachts built by Heesen, the XV67 is able to run with a hybrid propulsion package. “For us there is great importance in reducing the impact on the environment and extending the life of the propulsion components we use,” explains Visser.

“There are many ways in which she is an upgraded yacht that offers supreme comfort for owners who like to explore remote destinations,” he continues. The most notable of these elements is the addition of an ultra-efficient Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) built from steel with a sharp vertical bow with an elegant bowsprit and silent cruising. “This superb platform embodies Heesen’s performance innovations in a proper superyacht package, so she is certainly not a re-purposed commercial ship.”

A design made to last

“Heesen’s DNA – the high quality, a pelican bow and sporty lines – has been well maintained across the years,” says Visser. The relevancy of the Heesen brand is what Visser says is down to the yard’s many collaborations with renowned designers. “Our collaborations have enabled the shipyard to remain relevant across the decades and maintain our brand DNA,” Visser continues. “Aside from fresh ideas, we look for designers to consider how to build a yacht in a competitive way.”

For the XV67, it was imperative to design for the next generation. “Having a design that can stand the test of time is something we feel our customers need,” continues Dixon. “The next generation of wealth is coming through, and the XV67 answers their explorer and aspirational needs by taking the best of a purposeful Heesen superyacht platform combined with the best of a lifestyle interior,” he adds. “This customer is someone with a sense of adventure who wants to explore more exciting destinations whilst enjoying a luxury lifestyle,” adds Visser.

Plenty of modern amenities

What can currently be seen of the XV67 is what Heesen describes as a springboard for clients’ creativity. Many of the design elements are customisable, including the colour of the hull and the inclusion of a helipad large enough for an Airbus 145. Owners can also expect to find a large crow’s nest crowning the yacht that can be used as a private owner’s area and is connected to the three-deck master suite. A large sundeck sits below with a swimming pool, teppanyaki bar, a bar and a fire pit. And, adjoined to the sundeck, is the sky lounge for intimate socialising with far-reaching ocean views.

If included in the design, the fully certified helipad can facilitate easy arrivals and departures and function as an al fresco cinema when not in use. On the bridge deck, the large wheelhouse is an ideal spot for planning expeditions and neighbours the yacht’s fully equipped fitness suite. Another wellness area can be found elsewhere on board and features a spa.

Ample tender storage is found on the open aft deck – a location where the garage would traditionally be, which allows for more space to be dedicated to the large guest cabins. Plus, the dive and toy store lazarette has been designed with opening shell platforms.

Everything can be customised

Depending on when the client steps into the project, Heesen always allows clients to customise the design. This way, each yacht can be distinguished from the rest. “We make sure every yacht is special,” says Visser. “The XV67 is a concept design and is therefore a model that clients can tailor to suit their needs, lifestyle, and the type of adventure they seek. Every aspect of the yacht can be adapted to reflect the desire of the client,” he adds. “We look forward to building the first XV67 for a client who trusts that we can build a true bluewater voyager to take them off the beaten track in style.”