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Numarine 45XP

Numarine founder and CEO reveals plans for new models in 2022

4 April 2022

Ömer Malaz’s experiences at sea weren’t always great. He felt that there was always something missing on the yachts he had spent time on, and it was this experience that motivated the founding of Numarine.

Ömer Malaz

As one of the few shipyards established by a yacht owner, Numarine set up shop in 2002 with a mission to build motor yachts with unrivalled performance and comfort. The outcome is its range of semi-custom explorer yachts from 22 metres to 45 metres. The style is bold and dynamic and aims to be a timeless characteristic of the Turkish yard.

After two decades in business, the only way is up for Numarine. Keen to share why, Malaz talks to BOAT about the 155+ yachts delivered, and the yard’s interesting past and positive future.

For a bit of background, can you share why you founded Numarine?

Numarine came purely from analysing my own experience on board various types of motor yachts with my family. I always felt that something was missing, I was always wanting more and our needs were never satisfied. I asked myself, can we travel as we please? Do we have everything we need for a long cruise? Do we have all the space, comfort and provisions we need? The answer always came back as ‘no’.

Numarine was created to stand out in a saturated marketplace. After extensive research, I was able to form the core of the company which is to build high-quality yachts that deliver on performance, economy and range with customisable amenities. With our mission set out and its deliverance achievable, a purpose-built facility was created in Gebze, Turkey. Then, our manufacturing techniques were refined, a team of the best craftsmen, engineers and designers were assembled, and partnerships were formed with the industry's leading vendors.

Numarine 32XP

How does it feel to manage a successful yard?

I am not only managing Numarine, I am also a customer and thoroughly enjoy my boat. I have always been passionate about boats and yachts, and I feel I am the luckiest man on earth to have been able to convert a passion into a business. The last 20 years do not feel like work! We are not one of the biggest yards in the world, and in all honesty, we do not wish to be. Today we are producing between 10 and 12 boats a year with an average size of 29 meters. This size is exactly what we want, as we are still able to give special care and attention to each and every one of our clients. And I believe that it is because we care so much that Numarine is a success.

Numarine 26XP

How does the 2022 order book look for Numarine?

We are super fortunate to have sold out for 2022 on all of our models. As for 2023, we are sold out of our 32XP and 37XP range, and only have a couple of 22XP and 26XP yachts available. Launching this year is a new 22XP that will offer similar features to the 26XP but in a smaller package. In addition, we are working on some new models which I am not at liberty to reveal just yet – but they will be game-changers. The market is busy, but Numarine is busier!

Why do you think the Numarine models are so popular?

Numarine has a niche place in the market that caters for the experienced yacht owner. We offer great yachts at a great price. Numarine yachts do not only look pretty in the marinas but can easily withstand harsh environments. These yachts are designed for any condition and will feel at home in any part of the world. Also, our products are a result of long-standing relationships with people at the top of their game. Can Yalman and Umberto Tagliavini are designers at their prime and we have been working with the same team for the last 20 years. These are professionals who know, understand and respect each other.

The 45XP master suite

Can you explain the decision behind the size increments in the Numarine range?

When we started 20 years and 155 yachts ago, speed was the real deal. We spent time trying to achieve good speed and burn less fuel, so even back in 2002 we were trying to be as green as possible. It’s because of this that we were defined as performance yacht builders. Today, one of the main themes is comfort on board. To provide a high level of comfort, we decided that the optimal size range can start from 22 meters to a maximum of 45 meters.

Being the largest size Numarine offers, what is the potential for the 45XP after she was brought to the market in 2019?

In total we have 11 owners of our 32XP and 37XP models, and most of them are interested in upsizing to the 45XP. I am confident we will start building the 45XP very soon. We are not building what we want, we are building what an experienced yachtsperson wants; that is what XP is about, to be able to cruise further in total comfort. And Numarine is about not only realising, but exceeding our customer’s expectations.

All of the Numarine explorer yacht range can be found on the company’s website here.