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How a dream turned into a reality: owner of 37m Dreams shares his love for Ocean Alexander models

26 April 2023

“We love to go places, but we hate to pack our suitcases. And here our house travels with us,” says Mike Wingate, the owner of 37.1-metre Dreams. Spending more than half a year on board his boat, Wingate’s decision to upgrade from his Ocean Alexander 90R to the Ocean Alexander 37L wasn’t one he took lightly. Now after over a year on board, he is happy that his new yacht ticks all of the boxes and he is a passionate advocate of the Ocean Alexander brand.

The yacht had a traditional exterior which Wingate initially fell in love with

Wingate says that none of the other boat brands he’s owned in the past compare to what Ocean Alexander can offer. He stepped on board the Ocean Alexander 37L at a boat show, and it was love at first sight for both him and his wife. “Ocean Alexander’s quality and design of boats just fits us really well,” he explains.

Because of Wingate’s experience with Ocean Alexander models, he felt confident signing the contract almost right there and then, even though it was the first hull of a new flagship series. “I’m not allowed to go to boat shows anymore,” he laughs.

Mike Wingate and his wife live on board Dreams eight months out of the year
Credit: Mike Plante Productions

It might sound like a spur-of-the-moment purchase based on infatuation and the “immediate gratification” of buying a new boat that could be used right away, but Wingate says that’s far from the truth. “We live on this boat, eight months out of the year,” he says. For that kind of purchase, Wingate had to be certain he was buying something that would keep him — and his friends and family — comfortable for long periods at sea.

The 37L delivers this in spades. “It’s a floating condo on the water,” insists Wingate. He explains that he and his wife had a wish list while they were shopping around for their next yacht, and the 37L met all of their requirements.

The East Coast Rendezvous allowed Ocean Alexander owners to get together and enjoy each other's company
Credit: Mike Plante Productions

One requirement was having a master stateroom on the main deck. On Dreams, tall glass windows encase the owner’s cabin in a full semi-circle, letting light pour in and offering uncompromising views whether the yacht is cruising or berthed. The cabin connects to an exterior deck seating area, where Wingate and his wife can enjoy some peace and privacy over a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of chilled rosé. It’s a great space for a yacht which is regularly used for hosting large gatherings — a little slice of serenity for an owner to escape to whenever it’s needed.

The 37L is defined by its liberal use of natural light

Another key selling point was the galley. It is “a real galley and something that Americans are used to living in,” says Wingate. The galley is pride of place on the main deck, and it’s flooded with light thanks to large windows. This isn’t a galley that’s relegated to the bowels of the boat, designed for an invisible chef to cook meals in. This is like a galley on land, designed to be the heart of the yacht. As well as its good size and location, it’s also highly specced-out to ensure gourmet cuisine wherever Dreams cruises. “The galley could rival most luxury homes,” says Wingate.

Mike Wingate and guests
Credit: Mike Plante Productions

Finally, Wingate was looking for an on-deck Jacuzzi, an attractive exterior and a high-volume interior, which he found on the Ocean Alexander 37L. He wanted the space for entertaining, as he has a lot of friends and family who love boating as much as he does. “The bridge deck is just massive,” says Wingate. It’s all one level, so Wingate says it’s perfect for gathering everyone in one place without anything feeling cut off or disconnected from the action.

But when it comes to privacy, Wingate says his Ocean Alexander can offer that as well. “This boat we love because all the crew are in the back of the boat,” he explains. “Where a lot of boats have the crew in the bow, and they have to enter in and out of the galley all the time. We like coming back to a boat where it’s private to us.”

The galley is a proper "American-style" galley
Credit: Forest Johnson

One of the other things that has kept Wingate with the brand is the Ocean Alexander service centre in Fort Lauderdale, which he says is a huge peace of mind whenever Dreams sets off on an adventure. “They have been tremendous to work with on warranty work and getting items fixed quickly,” says Wingate.

Dreams cruises mostly around Miami, the Florida Keys the Bahamas. Although she is elegant at heart — with a classic profile that Wingate was instantly smitten with — she is still sturdy and Wingate feels like he’s in safe hands on board. For Wingate, she is the perfect home away from home that he had always dreamed of growing up in the Midwest.

A hot tub was also high on the wish list
Credit: Forest Johnson

Wingate says he doesn’t have any plans to go up another size anytime soon, but if he does, he is confident it will be within the Ocean Alexander family.

With new units already under construction, the Ocean Alexander 37L can offer the same levels of luxury and enjoyment to any other discerning yacht owners. For those who prefer to see it for themselves, arrangements can be made to visit the yacht in Florida today by contacting Ocean Alexander directly here.