Feadship Yachts For Sale

As superyacht brands go, the Feadship name has long been synonymous with quality, excellence and meticulous attention to detail. To own a new Feadship yacht may be a badge of prestige, but to own a classic Feadship is to have a piece of superyacht history. Each has its own story and a share in the DNA that has made Feadship what it is today.

Feadship itself started off as an export association (the name Feadship is derived from First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders) although its boat-building credentials stretch back into the 19th century through its early member yards, among them de Vries and van Lent. Its stated goal was ‘to promote the export of luxury craft to the United States of America’, and up until 1973 a ‘Feadship’ was still defined as a yacht sold to an American owner. The year was 1949 and post-war Europe had little appetite for luxury yachts, so this group of far-sighted Dutch builders – and naval architect HW de Voogt – looked to America for salvation.

Feadship introduced itself to America at the New York Boat Show in 1951 with just three small boats, but managed to impress with its ‘traditional Dutch craftsmanship’. Americans were amazed by their yachts’ quality and finish, and the fact that they were made of steel (almost unheard of in America at that time) – but it was Feadship’s ability and willingness to react to the demands of the American market that was pivotal to its success.

For many superyacht owners and enthusiasts, Feadship remain the standard by which all other superyachts are judged. Explore their exemplary quality and value with our collection of Feadship yachts for sale.