was founded with a user centric mindset and the tools of a technology startup.

We built a system which is able to sell yachts 3 times faster while generating 5 times more leads than the old way.

Our Masterplan brings together 15 years of experience in the yachting industry, the passion about yachts and the creative skills to get the job done.

We have been there long enough to understand the history and networks but we are young enough to adapt to change and constantly evolve through research & experience.

Because we know our limitations we set up a collaborative partner platform where we only select partners that have proven to us to be trustworthy and focused on the needs of the clients.

This unique approach gives you as a client an expert in every field and yachting location while reducing the amount of time spent with different stakeholders and less transactional friction caused by different mindsets not being aligned to your interests. You can see us as the navy seals of yachting, an elite team with a sharp focus on the solutions who bring value to the client. We want to stay agile, not wasting time and resources.

We find solutions with creativity, work with persistence and hold up our values of trust. You can trust us to sell your yacht faster and hassle free.