Columbus Yachts Napoli

Columbus Yachts is one of the youngest and most dynamic brands in the global superyacht industry.

Owned by the 45-years old Palumbo Group, veterans of the maritime industry, Columbus Yachts is committed to building high-quality, technologically advanced superyachts on proven platforms to ensure seaworthiness and efficiency.

The hallmarks of Columbus Yachts are innovation, concern for the environment coupled with streamlined designs and providing clients an unrivaled value for money. The family-run business counts an in-house team of 300 professionals and very little work is outsourced.

Besides Custom Classics, two new lines have been developed: the full-displacement Explorer and the semi-displacement, all-aluminum Sport Hybrid collections. Three yachts: a second 40m, 55m and 65m are under construction due for delivery by 2015.

After building a strong operating platform, Palumbo Group’s goal is to enlarge and strengthen the customer portfolio, being always more opened to foreign markets.