Flackton Yachting

With our experience and associations in the naval industry Flackton Yachting is in a unique position to provide clients with all the necessary support, knowledge, advice and information to meet their particular requirements, so that an informed decision can be made with the best interests of the customer being the major commitment.

For anyone wishing to become a yacht owner or is a current owner wishing to sell or purchase a yacht, Flackton Yachting can provide a comprehensive service to ensure that the right and best decision is made on such a major financial undertaking.

We cover an extensive field in the yachting sector, which includes the chartering of all types of yachts, providing a luxurious, comfortable and private experience to locations that cannot be normally reached by ferry lines and cruise ship packages.

Following through from a purchase or whether a current owner, to maximise an owner’s sea experience, we can offer the service of complete yacht management to ensure that the client’s yacht is up-to-date with all necessary requirements, certifications and registrations.

As a new yacht construction is a massive undertaking, to make this one of the most enjoyable experiences of a lifetime, Flackton Yachting has the full capability to manage any project from beginning to completion, with the utmost confidentiality, cost effectiveness, security and safety. The team of professionals and associates will liaise with the client to ensure that all requirements and wishes are met to the utmost satisfaction.