Futura Yacht Brokerage

Futura Yacht Brokerage is a Certified Maritime Brokerage Company, specialized in the sale, acquisition, management and construction of new projects of the best luxury Yachts, Motor Yachts and the finest selection of used Yachts.

Our experience gained in 40 years of yacht sales has led us to an excellent level of knowledge of the yachts available on the global market. The Team boasts expertise in all areas relating to the brokerage of the international Maritime sector. Futura Yacht Brokerage has an extensive portfolio of yachts from the best international brands and directly from renowned yacht owners.

Our experience in consulting and professional assistance in the sector allows us to guide the client through all the phases of purchase and sale of the yacht with the utmost transparency, to ensure and obtain the best possible conditions for the client.

As a key player in the international Maritime sector, Futura Yacht Brokerage is known for its professionalism and transparency in negotiations, always putting the interests of our customers first, thus creating important and trusted relationships that continue over time.

Our headquarters are located in Marina Sant’Andrea (UD), Italy, the most prestigious Marina in the North East. Just a few miles from the magnificent coasts of Slovenia and Croatia. Futura Yacht Brokerage is also the ideal partner to entrust your yacht for important services in regards of management of the yacht.