Hodgdon Custom Tenders

As an established Superyacht builder with a 200 year history, Hodgdon’s Custom Tenders division is uniquely positioned to bring the highest standards to the tender world. Using the finest materials and most innovative methods, the company’s craftsmen blend tradition and  technology. The outcome is an extraordinary vessel of unrivaled performance, construction, and visual aesthetic.

Hodgdon’s in-house engineering team assures close collaboration between the shipyard and designer to optimize fit and lifting arrangements. Hodgdon Custom Tenders is capable of supporting projects that range from fully custom and unique, to a select portfolio of designs. The company’s Venetian series, designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design, provides legendary performance and is available in a variety of lengths from 7.0 meters to 12.0 meters.

The company’s joinery division is skilled in creating beautiful and functional spaces, using elegant details and interior components. They have the ability to combine handcrafted woodworking with modern composite materials. A meticulous level of attention is given to the layout and installation of mechanical, electrical, and safety systems resulting in a tender whose composition is of unmatched quality. These elements combined with the design of the hull create a fast ride that is still smooth, quiet, and comfortable. Much of the exterior stainless steel hardware used, including Hodgdon’s signature flush anchor, is custom fabricated.

To assure top running condition at all times, Hodgdon provides a factory service support team at delivery and offers complete after-sales support at scheduled intervals. Managed by a full-time Customer Support Manager, ongoing programs are custom tailored to meet the needs of the vessel’s crew and management.