Mangusta Brokerage Division

The Mangusta Brokerage Division is the ideal reference point for Mangusta Owners wishing to sell their yachts. The Group has worked hard to create this new, exclusive and indeed unique service for Mangusta Owners.

By selling yachts through the Mangusta Brokerage Division, Mangusta Owners will benefit from the 30 year experience of a strong, professional yard consisting of technicians and craftsmen who have built over 300 Mangusta yachts to date. With in-depth knowledge as to how Mangusta Yachts are built and best marketed, the Mangusta Brokerage Division  can offer both a bespoke service and a custom-designed marketing and maintenance plan to match every Mangusta Owner’s requirement. As a result of the above, the Mangusta Brokerage Division  will become the point of contact for prospective Mangusta buyers, who will have access to a selected range of pre-owned Mangusta yachts.

Every yacht passes severe testing before being certified as suitable for sale. Only yard-trained technicians and authorized service centers are allowed to inspect yachts – because only they are qualified to award certification stating the condition of a yacht and that she has been thoroughly assessed, a further guarantee for any future Owner.