Moonen Brokerage

Yachts with experience.

Moonen Brokerage is a dedicated department offering select yachts to clients who value Moonen quality, reliability and performance. The team focuses on helping owners sell their current Moonen yacht. The fact that Moonens have a strong reputation when it comes to resale value means we can focus more on the specific characteristics of individual yachts. The sheer diversity of Moonen yachts in general and the wide range of features that imaginative owners have added into the Moonen quality template ensure we always have a unique portfolio.

There is no-one that knows Moonen yachts better than Moonen. As its builders, we know its quality like no other and are the best choice when it comes to selling that quality. Add in the services offered by the yard and you can see why Moonen Brokerage can bring genuine added value in this niche market.

Thanks to the friendly contacts we maintain with all Moonen clients, Moonen Brokerage is inevitably the first to hear when owners intend to place a yacht on the market. Several are usually available at any time, so feel free to contact us to discuss a pre-owned superyacht.

After all, no one knows more about a Moonen than the people that built them.