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Navis Yacht Charter is established in 1998 in Croatia as charter yachts company and since then company evolved into leading yacht management and chartering company in Adriatic Sea. Rental services are offered in Montenegro, Greece, Italy and France.

Navis Yacht Charter (NYC) offers a wealth of experience in the yachting industry. Our comprehensive yacht charter management services afford our distinguished clients the opportunity to spend more time sailing on their yachts without the stress and worry of daily yacht maintenance or, alternatively, to earn extra revenue when their yacht is not in use.

At NYC we believe in honesty, integrity and building long-lasting relationship. Clients safety and satisfaction is our priority. Our goal is to find win-win solutions and to provide you with unique and extraordinary experience. Our attention to details and ability to listen and understand your needs ensures bringing value to people like yourself, people that do not want anything else, but the excellence. Commitment, trust, reputation, discretion and satisfied clients are our reference.

Navis Yacht Charter is ISO awarded and certified company for yacht charter, sales and management

**Navis Yacht Charter
c/o Posada d.o.o.
Office : Spinciceva 2d, 21000 Split
Tel: +385 21 571 203
Tel : +385 91 333 1233
Fax: +385 21 571 207

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Other Offices

Tel : + 44 (0)20 323 95497
Fax : + 44 70 0606 1110
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New York
Tel : +1 718 395 9633 ( from 9.00 AM to 16.00 )
Fax : +1 815 5500479
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