Ocean Alexander

A motor yacht is not a necessity, and it should be a thing of beauty. Your yacht should have a presence you instantly associate with freedom, adventure and luxury. Ocean Alexander has perfected the art of luxury while we’ve simultaneously made our vessels eminently livable and the most technically accomplished in the industry. Get onboard an Ocean Alexander and see what the Ocean Alexander experience is all about.

Ocean Alexander craftsmen are so skilled at cabinetry, joinery and patterning they can rightfully be called artists. We’ve perfected our woodworking skills over the course of over three decades, and the level of our mastery shows clearly from each cornice box to every gleaming countertop.

We have employees solely dedicated to answering your questions or requests for spare parts. We respond within 48 hours to both your needs and the needs of our worldwide dealers. We believe in getting you back on the water as quickly as possible, and we will go to amazing lengths to make that happen.