Perini Navi USA

The story behind the Perini Navi Group started with a new vision of sailing: a vision of large yachts with ample living spaces that, in spite of their size, were maneuverable by a single person.  A challenge launched to tradition that connoted sailing yachts with confined spaces and large crews.  A break with the past that freed creativity from the confines of habit and opened new aesthetic roads.  Backed by a project so well thought through as to be a considered philosophy and by a new understanding of the mechanics of winches that was unique in the world, Perini Navi radically changed the way large sailing yachts were designed and re-established a disappearing market.  Perini Navi USA, (based in Newport  RI since 1997) is the Group’s commercial structure where two strategically important services are offered: chartering services for Perini Navi Group owners wishing to charter their yachts and brokerage services for those wishing to buy or sell.