Self Concept Yachting Solutions


• Selling Boat/ship In case of sale of boat / ship owned, our company will carry out the best placement in advertising media, web and magazines and with help of consolidated partners with whom we maintain constant interaction.

• Buying boat – ship In the case you buy a boat / ship, the preliminary analysis of the key points and desires needed, so we can clearly identified the most appropriate research.


• Self Concept Y.S.

Provides the service of renting boats / ships by the owners who intend to market rent their units. Charter booking is also undertaken in collaboration with leading tour operators world-wide network of Charter.


• Self Concept Y.S.

Provide all the assistance necessary to ensure that a shipowner initial desire to build a boat / ship new is planned in its entirety, starting from the preliminary draft, which takes account of assumptions, needs, schedule, budget and available choosing the most suitable site with the help of technicians and engineers who our company work with.