Yachtsmen International

We offer straight-talking, unbiased expertise whether you’re buying a yacht or chartering for the first time, for a yachting experience that’s not only enjoyable, but safe, smart and financially sound.

Our technical knowledge of complex refit and repair is second-to-none and we can speak at length on how to get it right; though what matters to us most is ensuring you and your family are safe on the water. Our ability to negotiate on your behalf is one of our standout features; but what we care about more is ensuring yachting is a sustainable, rewarding experience for you. And while our knowledge of the myriad details that are at the heart of a successful yacht could fill pages, we’d rather you concentrated on having the best time possible onboard.

Above all though; we’re Yachtsmen.

We know because we do, and we’re looking forward to sharing our understanding and mastery of the ocean with you. Come visit our team at the state-of-the-art facilities within The Boatworks, Gold Coast.