5 benefits of a modern multihull vs. a traditional monohull


With summer just around the corner, itʼs time to start thinking about your next getaway. For the best on-the-water experience, why not opt for one of Sunreef Yachtsʼ elegant catamarans or trimarans? The multihull presents a number of benefits over the traditional monohull and is the ideal choice for anyone wanting a luxurious vacation with a twist without compromising on style and innovation.

1. Space

If you want more space in which to entertain friends and catch up with loved ones, the two separate hulls of a catamaran can often provide up to double the amount of social space than a monohull of the same length.

The innovative design of the 20.5 metre Sunreef Supreme 68 allows for the main saloon and exterior deck to be on the same level, a layout that boasts a total living space of nearly 300 square metres comprising of a vast interior enveloped in floor-to-ceiling windows, which ensure panoramic views of your chosen surroundings.

Pictured: Customised open saloon aboard the Sunreef Supreme 68

Scope of custom design

Bespoke travel is becoming evermore popular, and when youʼre heading to the French Riviera to join glamorous parties or enjoying family time in the Bahamas or British Virgin Islands, having a place to call your own at the end of the evening is a must.

Extensive customisation is available and will be created in-house by the Sunreef Yacht's design team to suit your every requirement. While groups of adults might prefer a more sophisticated interior with plenty of open space for cocktail parties, families might opt for something more child-friendly, with comfy sofas and tables for board games.

Pictured: Sunreef Yachts' custom interior design

Natural Stability

Those who suffer from seasickness will know the sway of a monohull only too well. Rather than focusing on the horizon for the entirety of the trip, seek out the stability of a Sunreef multihull.

The two hulls of a catamaran offer natural stability while at sea and they donʼt require stabilisers, creating smoother cruising in unpredictable weather and a flatter terrain to accommodate those who havenʼt quite found their sea legs.

Pictured: Sunreef 82 Double Deck

Shallow draft

This year, an increasing number of luxury yachts will be heading to more remote destinations with guests in search of adventure. Some of the most beautiful tucked away harbours and beaches are only accessible with a shallow draft.

It is not uncommon for an 18.2 metre catamaran such as the Sunreef 60 Power or the Sunreef 60 Loft to have a depth of less than 1.6 metres, and their lack of underwater appendages creates less opportunity for grounding or colliding with reefs.

While an 18 metre monohull tends to require a deep-ballasted fin of at least 3.6 metres to remain upright, a catamaran can make use of twin low aspect ratio keels, retractable daggerboards or centreboards.

benefits of a modern multihull vs. a traditional monohull

For both first-time and regular charterers, a Sunreef luxury multihull is a perfect alternative to a monohull if youʼre after a smoother, more spacious experience with sumptuous cabins.

Thrillseekers can make use of a huge range of water toys and sporting equipment, while foodies can enjoy tailor-made menus from the on-board professional chef and five star dining under the stars.

Accommodation on board both the power and sailing yachts is contemporary and chic, perfect for entertaining friends or indulging in a romantic retreat.

Visit the website to find out more about Sunreef Yachts, or go to Sunreef Yachts Charter for some summer vacation inspiration.

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