Mulder Shipyard

Mulder Shipyard opened it second yard in Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk in 2013, to complement its other construction facility 10 kilometres away in Voorschoten. The new yard focuses on the maintenance, refitting and construction of yachts from 18 to 45 metres. The Voorschoten yard continues to build and maintain smaller yachts.


Mulder Shipyard was founded in 1938 by Dirk Mulder, and continues to be a successful member of the Dutch yacht-building family of builders. A Mulder family member still runs the operation, and this traditional family business owes its reputation to the classic Super Favorite Cruisers, the later Favorite Superieur and a wide range of custom and semi-custom luxury motoryachts.

Notable Launches

The Mulder line-up includes the Favorite dayboat series from 13 to 18 metres. Each Favorite features classic lines, spacious cabins, light saloon and large open cockpit. The Mulder Convertible line runs from the 54 Open to the 72, with wheelhouse-design comfort combined with the freedom of an open convertible. The Wheelhouse line includes models from 53 to 76, and is the builder’s most popular design. Finally, the Flybridge line runs from 73 to 98 and features a slim bow and sweeping hull lines for top performance in all weather.


Mulder Shipyard’s primary business is designing and building yachts for clients worldwide, utilising unique shapes and developing efficient systems, all on time and within the budget.

Mulder Shipyard   36 m •  2021
Mulder Shipyard   36 m •  2019
Mulder Shipyard   36 m •  2020
Mulder Shipyard   36 m •  2022
Mulder Shipyard   36 m •  2017
Mulder Shipyard   36 m •  2024
Mulder Shipyard   36 m •  2023
Mulder Shipyard   34 m •  2015
Mulder Shipyard   30 m •  2014
Mulder Shipyard   28.65 m •  2015
Mulder Shipyard   28 m •  2010
Mulder Shipyard   27.1 m •  2001
Mulder Shipyard   24.75 m •  2003
Mulder Shipyard   24.08 m •  2007